When you think of distracted driving, texting while driving is likely the behavior that comes to mind, and it is a massive problem. Texting while driving is considered to be the top cause of distraction-related car accidents. This behavior is incredibly dangerous due to the extended amount of time it can draw a driver’s eyes and attention away from the road. However, texting while driving is far from the only driving distraction. The following is a look at some lesser known driving distractions, some of which were discussed in a recent BBC News Magazine article:

  1. Spiders: Even drivers without a fear of spiders may experience extreme distraction when they feel tiny legs crawling up their body. The exact number of accidents caused by spiders is unknown, but it is clear these critters can cause immense distraction and, consequently, accidents. Drivers are advised to pull over in a safe area to deal with the spider before continuing.
  2. Children: Any parent will tell you that young children can be quite distracting. Crying, screaming, pushing, and throwing objects can all occur with young children, and a parent driving alone is apt to become dangerously distracted. Plan ahead for a smooth ride and stop as needed to meet the needs of children.
  3. Emotional distress: The risk of car accidents increases drastically when drivers are experiencing a heightened emotional state, such as sadness, anger, or agitation. Putting on soothing music can help drivers to relax and stay focused.
  4. Other adults: Adult passengers can be just as distracting as children. Chatting adults can pull the attention of the driver from the roadway while arguments can create distress and even more distraction.
  5. Grooming: It is not uncommon to catch glimpses of motorists applying makeup, brushing their hair, or even shaving all while driving. Today’s drivers are often in a rush to get somewhere and may attempt to multi-task while on the go. Grooming while driving is a dangerous behavior that drivers should never engage in. Instead, drivers should plan ahead and pull over if there is something they absolutely must accomplish while driving.

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