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Montlick and Associates has been committed to providing exceptional legal representation to those who suffer serious injury or wrongful death caused by the negligent or intentional misconduct of third parties since 1984. Our experienced team of attorneys and staff are committed to providing effective representation, including timely communication and responsiveness to our clients. At Montlick and Associates, we understand that injury victims struggle with pain, financial hardships and anxiety about the future that often accompanies serious injury or the loss of a loved one.

Our team of attorneys and staff treat our clients with respect, dignity and a firm commitment to the best possible outcome in their Augusta personal injury claim or lawsuit. We have obtained millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for personal injury victims. Our experienced Augusta personal injury attorneys have successfully represented clients injured in the full spectrum of injury cases including:

Augusta Auto Accidents: Our experienced team of Augusta auto accident lawyers has successfully represented those injured in all types of motor vehicle accidents including car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, bus accidents, bicycle accidents, tractor-trailer accidents, SUV rollover accidents and pedestrian accidents. Auto accidents frequently result in debilitating injuries that impose enormous physical and financial obstacles. We work diligently to investigate our client’s auto accident and develop an effective strategy. Our Augusta auto accident team is prepared for the tactics and defenses used by insurance carriers; we combine decades of experience with the resources necessary to obtain the compensation our clients deserve.

Augusta Dog Bite Cases (Animal Attacks): When a person is mauled by a dog or attacked by any animal that has not been properly restrained or that has a reputation for being vicious, our Augusta dog bite lawyers pursue financial compensation for reconstructive surgery, psychological counseling and other damages. Our Augusta dog attack lawyers may use a variety of legal strategies based on leash law violations, prior knowledge of the viciousness of a dog and the unreasonable carelessness of a dog owner as a basis for liability.

Augusta Premises Liability: Our Augusta personal injury law firm handles a wide range of premises liability cases including slip and falls, dog bites, negligent security, swimming pool accidents and other accidents caused by a property owner’s failure to keep the premises safe or warn of hazards. We are committed to holding property owners accountable who through indifference or negligence fail to take reasonable precautions to make their property safe.

Augusta Truck Accidents: When a motorist is involved in an Augusta truck accident, the massive size of a commercial truck or tractor- trailer can mean devastating injuries and massive carnage. Despite substantial federal and state regulations aimed at making commercial trucking safer, truck drivers and trucking companies may violate regulations and safety standards to increase profits. Our Augusta trucking accident lawyers possess extensive knowledge of trucking regulations and industry practices that include doctoring logbooks and destroying evidence. We work to preserve critical evidence in Augusta trucking accident cases that may be used to establish the fault of a trucking company and driver in an Augusta trucking accident claim or lawsuit.

August Wrongful Death Lawsuits: Any loss of a loved one is emotionally painful and may be financially difficult, but the loss of a loved one because of the intentional or unreasonably careless conduct of a third party makes the loss even more devastating. Whether your loved one is the victim of an intentional violent crime, a job injury, or negligent driving, our Augusta wrongful death legal team carefully investigates our clients’ wrongful death claims so that we can help punish wrongdoers and provide financial support for surviving family members.

Augusta Motorcycle Accidents: Motorcyclists are particularly susceptible to careless or inattentive drivers because there is a very small margin for error and virtually no protection when riding a motorcycle. Motorcycle accidents frequently result in permanent devastating injuries and far too often fatalities. Our Augusta motorcycle accident attorneys understand the importance of providing our best efforts to obtain the substantial compensation that is necessary when accident victims suffer severe injuries in Augusta motorcycle accidents.

Augusta Nursing Home Abuse (Nursing Home Neglect): The average age of our population is increasing which imposes more strain on the financial resources available to provide adequate care for our elderly loved ones. This increased need for elder care amid dwindling resources often results in nursing homes with substandard care and inadequate staffing. Mistreatment of vulnerable seniors may be the result of intentional physical assault or abuse, financial exploitation or the failure to provide for basic needs like nutrition or hydration. If your elderly loved one has been injured, abused or neglected, we invite you to contact us to see how we can help.

Augusta Pedestrian Accidents: Pedestrians are extremely vulnerable to severe injury and even wrongful death when struck by a car, truck, SUV or motorcycle. Children and seniors are often among the most common victims of Augusta pedestrian accidents. Many times drivers that run down pedestrians are drunk or distracted. Insurance companies will often try to shift the blame for pedestrian accidents to injury victims, but our Augusta pedestrian accident attorneys are prepared to aggressively challenge such tactics for our clients.

Augusta Slip and Fall Accidents: Some business owners fail to provide adequate maintenance to protect patrons from falls on wet or slippery surfaces. If you have been the victim of a slip and fall in a grocery store, restaurant, or other business, our Augusta slip and fall attorneys for a free consultation about your right to compensation. We are committed to providing the best possible outcome for our clients who are involved in a slip and fall accident.

Augusta Construction Accidents: The typical construction project in Augusta is filled with potential hazards, including heavy machinery, trenches or excavations, scaffoldings, electrical power lines and a multitude of other potential dangers. If you suffer injury on a construction site, our experienced Augusta construction attorneys carefully analyze construction accident cases so that they can any identify third parties against whom to bring a personal injury lawsuit which may supplement a workers' compensation claim against an injury victim’s employer.

Augusta Workers' Compensation Claims: When you are injured on the job or in the scope of your employment, a on the job injury can mean medical bills and disability from employment. Our Augusta workers' compensation attorneys provide effective representation and help our clients through the complexities of the worker’s compensation claim process. Many clients who do not have a worker’s compensation attorney fall into critical traps including having their claim undervalued by industrial clinics that may provide an unrealistic prognosis and underestimate a injury victim’s degree of long-term disability. Our Augusta workers' compensation attorneys direct our clients through the claims process so that our clients can obtain income replacement benefits, medical costs and other compensation.

Augusta Product Liability (Defective Products): If you are injured by a dangerous or defective product, you may have a right to pursue a product liability claim. Companies that design, manufacture and market products to consumers have a legal duty not to place defective products on the market that might cause injury to consumers. Thousands of people are injured by dangerous products each year including defective motor vehicles, home electronics, bad drugs, toys with lead paint, asbestos and many other unsafe products. If a defective product injures a consumer, an injury victim may be able to pursue compensation against anyone in the production chain. Our Augusta product liability attorneys may be able to seek compensation from the companies that manufactured, designed or marketed the unsafe product, which may even be strictly liable for injuries to consumers.

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