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When you are involved in an auto or  truck collision with another motor vehicle or pedestrian, it can be a frightening and painful experience that causes significant physical injury and disability as well as extreme emotional stress. Traffic congestion can result in bumper to bumper stop and go traffic which may result in collisions. Even when Albany motor vehicle collisions occur at low rates of speed, it is possible to suffer serious injuries with effects that linger for months. Whiplash injuries to the neck are among the most common injuries suffered in an Albany collision at slower speeds.

Navigating the Insurance Company Minefield in an Albany Car Accident Claim

When you suffer whiplash injuries or other injuries in Albany car accidents where there is minimal or no vehicle damage, an insurance company adjuster often will provide a low-ball offer claiming that there could not be any injuries because there was no vehicle damage. This insurance company strategy of trying to settle quickly for pennies on the dollar is designed to minimize the monetary compensation that you receive before you have an opportunity to properly evaluate the genuine value of your Albany auto accident claim. It is important to note that many times the symptoms of whiplash and other injuries may take several days or weeks to manifest themselves.

One way to protect the value of your Albany car accident claim is to promptly seek medical treatment even if you think you have only minor injuries. The doctor may be able to utilize objective diagnostic tools, such as MRIs, X-Rays, CT scans and the like. If you obtain prompt medical attention, it may not only result in a more positive prognosis but may also pre-empt later claims that you are exaggerating or faking your injuries. Claims that you are malingering is just one of the strategies that insurance companies use to avoid paying claims or to settle for less than the full value of the claim. Insurance companies may also try to entice you into making statements that imply you are at fault or that support the position that your injuries were not a product of the collision. In some cases, the insurance company for the other driver may even ask you to sign documents that may waive certain aspects of your claim or waive it entirely.

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At Montlick and Associates, our experienced Albany car accident lawyers understand the tactics used by insurance companies to deny car accident injury victims fair compensation for their injuries. Our law firm has been providing zealous legal representation to Albany car accident victims for nearly three decades. Insurance companies increase profits by using sharp tactics including denying meritorious claims, extending low-ball offers or delaying payment of claims. At Montlick and Associates, our experienced Albany car accident attorneys are well aware that when you are dealing with the pain and stress of recovering from accident related injuries, the hassle and stress of battling insurance companies can be overwhelming. Our Albany auto accident lawyers have helped many people just like you navigate insurance company minefields.

Typical Types of At-Fault Conduct in an Albany Auto Accident

While there are many factors that contribute to serious car accidents in Albany, excessive speed, drug and alcohol impairment and distracted driving are certainly among the most common. These factors often occur in combination, and the combination of speed and alcohol often result not only in an increased probability of collisions but in more serious injuries. When drivers navigating the roadways of Albany engage in this type of unsafe driving behavior, this type of driving may be considered negligence. Negligence is a legal term that in a simple sense describes the failure of a driver to exercise reasonable care and prudence to avoid causing injury to another. Virtually all forms of unsafe driving that may cause an Albany car accident may constitute “negligent driving” depending on the specific facts and circumstances of the collision.

Because the Albany car accident lawyers at Montlick and Associates have obtained monetary recovery in hundreds of car accident settlements and lawsuits, we have the experience, skill and resources to handle virtually any type of Albany motor vehicle accident, including but not limited to the following:

  • Drivers impaired by alcohol, illegal narcotics, prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs or supplements
  • Distracted drivers using cell phones for text messaging or telephone conversations
  • Aggressive drivers that speed, weave through traffic or tailgate
  • Tractor-trailer companies that authorize unsafe trucks or truck drivers to transport loads
  • Poor vehicle maintenance including not monitoring brakes, tire wear or tire pressure
  • Big-rigs involved in deadly jackknife or carriage under-ride accidents
  • Public entities that fail to maintain or build safe roads
  • Drivers who fail to check blind spots or otherwise check for motorcycles
  • Drivers who T-bone other vehicles or hit pedestrians because they do not yield at intersections
  • Motorists that run red lights, stop signs or otherwise disregard traffic signs and signals
  • Driver Distractions like reading, grooming, eating, drinking or adjusting the car stereo
  • Vehicles with defective designs or components like SUVs or 15 passenger vans with a narrow wheel base and high center of gravity

Get All the Financial Compensation the Law Provides, to Rebuild After Serious Albany Accident Related Injuries

The injuries suffered in a serious Albany car accident can turn your life upside down and create enormous financial hardships. Whether you suffer the pain and limited mobility caused by whiplash injuries or more extensive injuries like spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, paralysis or the loss of limbs or broken bones your injuries may adversely impact every aspect of your life. Our Albany motor vehicle collision lawyers know that a monetary recovery cannot give you back the life of a family member that has suffered wrongful death or restore the value of a life lived without enduring pain on a daily basis.

However, we can seek the fullest possible money recovery so that you can afford the best possible medical and rehabilitative care, replace past and future lost income, and obtain compensation to support your family and maintain a high quality of life. Some of the types of damages we may be able to obtain include:

  • Cost of medical treatment and hospitalization
  • Income replacement for lost past wages and future disability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Diminished enjoyment of life
  • Wrongful death compensation (funeral/burial expenses)

Depending on the type of negligent conduct involved in your Albany car accident, you may also be able to seek punitive damages. Punitive damages are not awarded in all cases but may be awarded when the conduct of the defendant is so inappropriate (i.e. reckless conduct) that the conduct warrants punishing the defendant and imposing an obstacle to deter similar conduct in the future. When punitive damages are awarded, they may dwarf the amount of compensatory damages.

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*Dollars recovered are cumulative and not indicative of individual case results.  Each case is unique.  Results depend on the facts and applicable law.  

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