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Carbon Monoxide Safety, by Georgia Injury Attorneys, Montlick & Assoc.

Visit us each week to view two minute segments from the ABC noon news featuring Montlick & Associates' Family Safety Advocate Jacquie Palisi. We will be covering a wide range of topics to help keep your family safe. These segments are broadcast on WSB-TV in Atlanta. Research shows that most injuries are preventable through safety education and a little extra care, and we are committed to preventing injuries. Please feel free to share this information with your friends and family, and don't forget to sign up for our Free Safety Alerts and Legal Tips/Updates.

Safeguard Your Home from Highly Toxic Carbon Monoxide

Monday, August 19, 2013

Every year carbon monoxide poisoning claims hundreds of lives and sends over 50,000 victims to the emergency room. In this week's segment on ABC News, Montlick & Associates' Family Safety Advocate, Jacquie Palisi, shares important tips on how to recognize warning signs of carbon monoxide poisoning (also known as CO poisoning). Watch the video and click on the links below to learn more about protecting yourself and your loved ones from accidental poisoning.


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Georgia Injury Attorneys, Montlick & Associates Reviews Important Safeguards for Detecting and Preventing CO Poisoning

Carbon monoxide, or CO, is considered “the silent killer” because the colorless, odorless, tasteless gas is extremely hard to detect on your own. Knowing the warning signs, and taking simple precautionary steps, is key to protecting yourself and your family; and the reason why the Georgia Injury Attorneys at Montlick & Associates created the video posted at the top of the page.

Carbon Monoxide is a byproduct of unburned gas that can result from malfunctioning household appliances such as furnaces, hot water heaters, gas dryers and ranges. Car engines also produce carbon monoxide. Common symptoms of CO poisoning include: headaches, sinus & head pressure, constant stuffiness, flu-like, nausea, dizziness or even chronic tiredness. In fact, CO poisoning mimics many common illnesses such as food poisoning or the flu. If a person suspects they’ve been exposed to Carbon Monoxide, they need to get out of the contaminated space as fast as possible, and call 911.

Steps to avoid CO poisoning include the following:

  • Make sure all home appliances are installed and operated according to manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Never operate a portable generator or other gas-powered tool in an enclosed space such as your garage or house.
  • And never leave your car running in your garage, even with the garage door open.
  • You should also install carbon monoxide detectors in your home. These will alert you if there are increased levels of CO present. These are life-saving devices, which typically cost around $30 each at hardware and home improvement stores.

For more complete information on what you can do to keep your family safe from Carbon Monoxide poisoning, please click on the links posted at the top of this page. You can also register for the firm’s free safety alerts, by logging onto and clicking on Family Safety and Legal Tips.

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CO Poisoning In this week’s Family Safety & legal Tips video, the Georgia Injury Attorneys at Montlick & Associates review important safety tips on how to detect and avoid CO poisoning in your home.

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