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Summers in Georgia are typically sweltering, making swimming pools a great activity for having fun and staying cool with family and friends.  In many cases, people will throw pool parties in neighborhoods or at hotels.  However, pools can be serious safety hazards, and it is important that children and adults follow important safety guidelines and ensure pool parties do not result in tragic personal injury accidents or fatalities.  Even when drowning victims are promptly rescued and/or resuscitated, a drowning incident could result in permanent brain damage.  

Although swimming pool injuries and fatalities are accidents that no one may have foreseen, swimming pool owners must take reasonable precautions to minimize the risks of injury or death.  If a pool owner fails to take appropriate precautions, they could be held liable or legally responsible for injuries or deaths that are attributable to their swimming pool.

The Deadly Dangers of Swimming Pools

There are several hidden dangers that may lead to serious injuries or death.  These dangers include:

  • Broken bones and lacerations can occur when individuals slip in the pool area, attempt to dive into the pool, or cut their foot on sharp objects in or around the pool. 
  • Chemical burns when a pool owner uses unsafe levels of pool cleaning chemicals, such as chlorine.  Also, not using enough pool chemicals or not treating the pool can cause dangerous bacteria to grow, causing serious illnesses. 
  • Drowning is the most common cause of swimming pool-related fatalities.  Other serious drowning risks involve underwater protrusions and the suction power of a pool drain.  In near-drowning incidents, the victim survives but could sustain brain damage due to oxygen deprivation. 

Pool owners in Georgia are required by Georgia law to fence in their swimming pools.  If the homeowner or business uses their dwelling as one side of the fence, they must install an alarm on the door that leads to the swimming pool from the inside of their dwelling.  Under Georgia Title 51.  Torts § 51-3-3, pool owners are liable even if a child trespasses on their property and drowns.  Swimming pool owners must stay mindful of all potential dangers and take the appropriate actions to reduce swimming pool accidents.  This includes treating the swimming pool on a regular schedule, covering all water drains with an appropriate cover, and ensuring the pool liner, ladders, and diving boards are in excellent working condition.

The Georgia Attractive Nuisance Doctrine 

Swimming pool owners have additional obligations to prevent kids from being injured or killed in their swimming pools.  In Georgia, the attractive nuisance doctrine requires swimming pool owners (or any other dangerous object that could entice a child to trespass onto their property to play with the object) to take reasonable actions to prevent young children from trespassing or using the pool without the awareness of an adult or the pool owner.  For example, a pool owner must construct a wall or fence around the pool and properly maintain the wall or fence.  The swimming pool owner must also lock any fence gates that access the pool so children cannot easily access the swimming pool.  Additional city ordinances and neighborhood covenants may require additional safeguards.  

Swimming Pool Death Lawsuit Attorneys Helps Grieving Families Obtain Legal Justice

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