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Fatal Amtrak Crash in Cayce, SC Raises More Questions About Rail Service Safety

February 08, 2018

Many Train Accident Victims Continue to Receive Medical Treatment

On February 4, 2018, in Cayce, South Carolina an Amtrak train was accidentally diverted to a loading track and smashed into a stationary CSX freight train at approximately 60 miles per hour. South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster has confirmed the cause of the train crash was due to the Amtrak train being accidentally diverted to a loading track. The tragic Amtrak train accident tragically resulted in several deaths and over 100 injured passengers.

National Transportation National Transportation Safety Board Investigation

The train accident investigation team with the National Transportation National Transportation Safety Board is attempting to understand how the track switch was not returned to the main track and how to prevent dangerous errors and omissions, such as this one, in the future.  It is estimated that over 5,000 gallons of fuel had spilled onto the ground. However, train crash investigators affirmed that all of the leaking tanks had been patched and will now pour any more fuel onto the area.

Many Believe There Could Be Reason for Panic

This Amtrak accident happens to be the second tragic and fatal train accident to occur in less than one week. Also, this catastrophic train wreck is the third fatal train wreck to occur since December's Washington Amtrak 501 train derailment. The Washington Amtrak 501 derailment accident lead to three deaths and sixty-two injuries.

Investigators at the Cayce, South Carolina train accident responded to growing fears that the recent deluge of train accidents could be "acts of terrorism" or intentional. The investigators were quick to rule out causation for the disaster as an act of terrorism. However, there are many people who feel there have been too many severe train accident incidents in recent months for there to be a mere coincidence. Adding to the notion and growing public fears that the train accidents are somehow connected to yesterday's train derailment of Amtrak Acela Express train 2150.

Amtrak Acela Express train 2150 experienced a "mechanical issues" resulting in two of the train's cars to detach while the Amtrak train was traveling at 125 miles per hour. This accident is now under investigation by the National Transportation National Transportation Safety Board and local law enforcement. Fortunately, none of the 52 passengers were injured, and all 52 passengers were transports to a local hospital for medical evaluations.

Former National Transportation National Transportation Safety Board Chairman Mark Rosenker explained in an interview with CBS News that the train car separation was "very unusual."

Accident Victims or Families of the Decedents May File Negligence Claims Seeking Damages for Injuries or the Wrongful Death of a Loved One

Depending upon the facts surrounding these train accidents, family members of the decedents and injured passengers can file a personal injury claim or a wrongful death action against the parties responsible for these tragedies. These train accident claims are complex and may be rigorously defended. Also, the time in which a family member or injured passenger may bring a legal suit is limited by the state statute of limitations in which the accident has occurred. Therefore, it is advisable that those individuals who are contemplating filing a legal claim speak with an experienced attorney to understand their legal rights and the steps necessary to protect those legal rights.

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