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Tragic Sumpter County Crash Kills Two in Shiloh, South Carolina (SC)

May 05, 2020

SHILOH, SC- writes that two people died in a tragic collision in Sumter County this week. The incident occurred in the mid-afternoon and involved two vehicles. The two victims were in the same car and included the driver and a passenger. The other people involved in the wreck were injured as well, and responders transported them to the hospital. Reports did not indicate the extent of those people’s injuries.*

Police reports did not explain what caused the deadly crash. 

When it comes to car crashes in the United States, rural roadways present different risks when compared to urban locations. While less than half of the traffic in the country is on rural roadways, they account for more than half of all deadly collisions. There are four factors that contribute to making rural roadways more likely locations for deadly vehicle collisions. Human behavior is the first listed factor and includes things like drunk driving, speeding, and failing to use a seatbelt. Other factors include the road environment, the vehicles on those roads, and the access to medical care after a crash. 

Crashes involving large trucks, pickup trucks, and SUVs are all more common on rural roads. In fact, 69 percent of fatal collisions involving these vehicles occur on rural roadways. However, in urban locations, pedestrian and cyclist fatalities are much more likely to take place.

Speed limits are contributing to the higher risks in rural locations as well. In 2018, 72 percent of fatal collisions in rural parts of the nation occurred on roads with speed limits of 55 miles per hour or more.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) writes that only 30 percent of vehicle miles occur on urban roads, meaning crashes in these locations, which account for about half of all deadly collisions, are overrepresented. 

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