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Car Strikes Motorcycle in Dorchester County Tragically Killing One

March 04, 2020

DORCHESTER COUNTY, SC - writes that a crash between a motorcycle and a car killed one person this week in Dorchester County. The incident occurred at the intersection of US Highway 78 and US Highway 15 in the afternoon.*

According to the news report, a motorcycle was heading eastbound on US Highway 78 and collided with a northbound car that was on US Highway 15. Reports indicate that there is a traffic light at the intersection. The motorcyclist was not using a helmet when the collision occurred. 

Police have not filed any charges in response to the crash, but the collision is still being investigated. 

Traffic lights are intended to control the flow of traffic and keep motorists safe at intersections. However, it is not uncommon for people to violate red lights leading to potentially fatal results. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), 846 people died in 2018 because of drivers who passed through intersections on a red light. In addition to fatalities, these incidents caused 139,000 injuries. 

The IIHS believes that red light cameras are a good way to reduce the number of such crashes. In large cities, red-light cameras were able to reduce the number of fatal red-light crashes by more than one fifth by installing these cameras. In response to concerns about privacy, the IIHS states that the state regulates driving and that when people get a license, they agree to the terms and rules set forth by the traffic laws. 

Another way to lower the number of such crashes is to have the lights remain yellow for longer intervals. Studies indicate that this leads to fewer collisions. 

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