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Driver Involved in Crash After Police Chase in Columbia, South Carolina

February 10, 2020

COLUMBIA, SC- writes that a driver lost control over his or her vehicle on Highway 378 following a police pursuit. Reports indicate that the vehicle overturned. It is not yet clear whether any injuries took place in the crash.*

Reports about police chases often point to the high death toll associated with these pursuits. On average, about 355 people die in such instances every year in the United States. While the suspects themselves are the majority of those killed in these events, bystanders also die in large numbers in wrecks caused by police chases. About three officers die in pursuits each year as well. 

Sadly, many of these chases are not necessary and could be considered an overreaction to the alleged crime involved. About 91 percent of pursuits involved officers following suspects who were not involved in violent crimes. One retired officer stated that many of the incidents are the result of angered policemen or women who take a motorist’s failure to stop as a personal affront. 

The numbers related to these incidents have led to policies that limit such pursuits. Police departments that have no policy to limit chases have an average of seventeen chases a year per every 100 officers. The number drops to two per every 100 officers each year in departments that restrict, discourage, or prohibit such chases. 

In many instances, police chases become a greater threat than the person being followed. When officers pursue a car at high speeds in residential areas, the risk to the public is high, and typically much higher than the need for immediately arresting the fleeing suspect. 

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