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Sandy Springs Personal Injury Attorneys

The legal designation for the “personal injury” area of law encompasses a wide range of legal claims. These legal claims typically revolve around the tort of “negligence” or intentional torts like criminal attacks or sexual assaults. Our Sandy Springs personal injury law firm has successfully represented hundreds of victims injured by intentional and negligent misconduct. Negligence basically refers to the failure of an individual or corporation to meet a certain standard of care which causes injury to another. Common examples of personal injury claims based on negligence may include construction site accidents caused by inadequate training, motor vehicle collisions caused by intoxicated drivers or dangerous falls caused by inadequate maintenance.

Our experienced Sandy Springs personal injury attorneys have recovered millions of dollars for those seriously injured by the improper conduct of others. We recognize the enormous toll an unexpected accident can have on one’s life. We are committed to providing effective legal representation to obtain the financial compensation our clients need to get their lives back to some sense of normalcy. Although we have the skill and experience to handle most personal injury claims, some of the claims we handle most frequently include the following:

Sandy Springs Trucking Accidents: Tractor-trailers and other large trucks like cement trucks, dump trucks and delivery trucks can pose serious dangers when jostling with other vehicles on the congested roads of Sandy Springs. Trucking companies have a legal duty to ensure that when they unleash these massive vehicles on our roadways they utilize safe drivers and safe trucks. When trucking companies fail to comply with this legal duty, Sandy Springs trucking accidents can result in critical injuries or fatalities to occupants of other motor vehicles. It is hardly surprising that collisions involving large trucks result in more serious accidents because a loaded dump truck can weigh 70,000 pounds while a tractor trailer can weigh even more. By contrast, a passenger vehicle may tip the scales at less than 4,000 pounds. If you or someone you love is injured in a trucking accident, our experienced Sandy Springs trucking accident lawyers have the necessary knowledge of trucking regulations and trucking industry practices to successfully represent those who suffer serious injury or lose a loved one in a Sandy Springs trucking accident.

Sandy Springs Slip, Trip and Fall: Sandy Springs slip, trip and fall accidents can happen on virtually any type of property, including residential, commercial and public, and they may occur at any time. When you suffer significant injury in a fall caused by the negligence of a landlord, store owner or governmental entity, you may have the right to compensation to cover medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, future disability and more. When you are injured on the premises of a business, the premises owner of a commercial business owes you the highest duty of care recognized by premises liability law. When you visit a Sandy Springs business like a store as a patron, you are classified as a business invitee. The law imposes a duty on business owner to make the premises safe for invitees by removing hazards that the commercial premises owner knows or should know exist. Our Sandy Springs slip, trip and fall attorneys at Montlick and Associates have successfully proven liability for hazards on commercial premises on behalf of our clients for nearly three decades.

Sandy Springs Auto Accidents: When you are involved in a Sandy Springs auto collision, it can result in intense physical injuries and emotional trauma. Those who are injured because of negligent or reckless drivers may also face the potential of financial ruin because of unanticipated medical bills and loss of income due to time off work, which can impair a family’s financial stability. While these challenges can feel insurmountable, an experienced Sandy Springs auto accident attorney at Montlick and Associates may be able to handle the legal and insurance issues so that you can focus on your physical and emotional recovery.

Sandy Springs Wrongful Death: If your family member dies because of the malpractice, negligence, intentional misconduct or inaction of another person, the emotional and financial obstacles you face can feel overwhelming. Although our Sandy Springs wrongful death law firm cannot give you back the love and companionship of your loved one, we can help you hold the responsible party accountable so that you can obtain some degree of solace. Wrongful death may be caused by a wide range of incidents caused by careless or wrongful acts, including violent criminal offenses, unsafe driving of a motor vehicle, lack of care on a construction site or substandard medical care when performing a surgical procedure. Our experienced Sandy Springs wrongful death lawyers may be able to obtain damages both for your personal losses as well as those suffered by your loved one who died.

Sandy Springs Motorcycle Accidents: When you use a motorcycle to commute or travel in Sandy Springs, you are vulnerable to injury because these two wheeled vehicles are extremely unstable. When you are involved in any sort of motorcycle collision, you will usually be ejected from the vehicle. Motorcycle ejections frequently result in critical brain injuries, ruptured disc, spinal injuries and wrongful death. Our Sandy Springs motorcycle accident attorneys have extensive knowledge of tort laws, and we have successfully guided many clients through the legal quagmire of complex legal rules and procedures. We understand the devastating toll that a Sandy Springs motorcycle accident can cause so we work hard to seek the best possible outcome for Sandy Springs motorcycle collision victims.

Sandy Springs Construction Accidents: If you are injured while working on a construction site, it is important to seek the full measure of financial compensation for all types of injuries and financial loss, including intangible injuries that only a personal injury claim can provide. The meager recovery available in a workers’ compensation claim does not cover losses, such as pain and suffering, diminished enjoyment of life, loss of companionship of a spouse or punitive damages. Although a workers’ compensation claim can provide compensation for permanent disability, these damages also are much more limited than lost future income awarded in a personal injury claim. Our knowledgeable Sandy Springs construction accident lawyers may be able to guide you through the complexities of the workers’ compensation system while also pursuing a personal injury settlement or litigation against a third party.

Sandy Springs Dog Attack: It is more challenging to pursue a claim for dog bites or attacks in Georgia than other states because a dog owner in the majority of other states merely needs to show that they were bitten and that they did not antagonize the dog. If you are bitten by a dog in Sandy Springs, you typically must establish one of the following; (1) The owner knew or should have known of prior aggressive tendencies of the dog; (2) negligence by the dog owner; or (3) a violation of the local leash law. Our experienced Sandy Springs dog attack attorneys have successfully pursued compensation for our clients injured by owners who fail to properly restrain their dog against homeowners’ and renters’ insurance policies and general liability policies of businesses and public entities.

Sandy Springs Job Related Injuries (Workers’ Compensation): If you have suffered a job related injury, you may be entitled to seek certain types of compensation from your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. This compensation may cover certain losses, including lost income while off work, medical expenses, partial or total disability benefits, and vocational training. Most Sandy Springs employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance that provides these benefits to injured employees. Workers’ Compensation insurance may cover various categories of injuries including: repetitive motion injuries, physical injuries caused by workplace accidents, mental stress injuries and occupational diseases. If you or a close family member has suffered a work related injury, our Sandy Springs workers’ compensation attorneys at Montlick and Associates have the experience to help clients maximize the value of their workers’ compensation claim. Although workers’ compensation benefits typically are the exclusive remedy for a work related injury against one’s employer, we may be able to represent you in seeking more extensive damages against a responsible third party in a Sandy Springs personal injury claim.

Sandy Springs Defective Product Claims: Dangerous or defective products are products that cause physical injury as well as mental or physical illness. These injuries may be caused by a defect in the product, inadequate warnings that accompany the product or defects in the labeling and instructions. Defective products can cover a broad spectrum of products including drugs, medical appliances, household cleaning products, children’s toys or apparel, motor vehicles, feminine hygiene products and other products designed, manufactured and marketed by companies that may be household names. If you are injured by a defective or dangerous product, you may have a right to pursue a product liability claim against anyone in the commercial chain of production. Many product liability lawsuits are based on “strict liability” claims, meaning that the cases do not require you to show that a specific error or omission in the design or manufacturing process caused the defect. It is enough to show that a defect in the product caused injury to the consumer whom purchased the product. Our Sandy Springs product defect lawyers have the resources and experience to taken on large companies whose products injure innocent consumers.

Sandy Springs Pedestrian Motor Vehicle Collisions: When drivers operate motor vehicles while texting, talking on a cell phone, speeding or otherwise driving careless or reckless, the potential for permanent injuries that can drastically alter one’s life is extremely high. While few people consider a motor vehicle a “weapon”, there are many similarities between driving a motor vehicle in high pedestrian areas like intersections and school zones while drunk or not paying attention to the road and firing a gun into the air in the middle of a crowd. While most pedestrian accidents may be caused by careless drivers, others may be caused by hazardous road condition that may be the basis for imposing liability on the city. If you or a loved one is the victim of a pedestrian motor vehicle collision, the dedicated Sandy Springs pedestrian accident attorneys at Montlick and Associates have been representing injury victims in Sandy Springs since we were founded in 1984.

Sandy Springs Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse: As our elderly loved ones age, they may become frailer physically so that they are less able to fight of bullying behavior or defend themselves if attacked by those who would attempt to exploit them physically. Seniors may also experience declines in hearing or mental sharpness that permits unscrupulous Sandy Springs nursing home staff or administrators to financially and sexually exploit or physically abuse or neglect residents. Approximately 500,000 reports of elder abuse in the U.S. reach governmental authorities annually, and millions more are never reported. If your elderly loved one has been the victim of nursing home abuse or neglect, our experienced Sandy Springs nursing home abuse or neglect attorneys are committed to holding those who exploit and abuse the most vulnerable among us accountable.

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