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Rockdale County Personal Injury Lawyers

If you are involved in a car accident, serious fall on slick flooring or accident involving a defective product, you may be overcome by physical pain and anxiety. When injuries are caused by careless or intentional acts of third parties, the disruption of your life that results is magnified because one cannot plan for an accident. Many people presume that because insurance companies receive premiums to cover losses that they will act fairly when disaster strikes. Unfortunately, this misconception may not be dispelled until a claim against a negligent driver’s insurance company is denied, or an insulting settlement offer is made to a seriously injured victim. Insurance companies are in business to make money so they will look for procedural, evidentiary and substantive grounds for minimizing the value of claims or to deny claims entirely.

Our Rockdale County personal injury lawyers at Montlick and Associates have been taking on negligent individuals, businesses and their insurance companies since our law firm was established in 1984. Because we know that our clients’ personal injury recovery provides the financial means to seek the best medical care and to provide for their family in the wake of an accident, we work diligently to investigate our clients’ claims, develop persuasive theories of liability and aggressively negotiate with insurance companies to get our clients the recovery they deserve. Because we have been handling personal injury claims in Rockdale County for over a quarter of a century, we have the knowledge, experience and expertise to represent clients in the full spectrum of personal injury cases, including but not limited to the following:

Rockdale County Premises Liability Actions: Premises liability law provides substantive rules for imposing liability on owners of property that fail to take adequate precautions to protect those that come on their property particularly for mutually beneficial reasons like commercial transactions. Generally, property owners that hold their property open to the public like grocery stores, warehouse stores, departments stores, restaurants, bars and other types of businesses have an obligation to conduct reasonable inspections and maintenance so that they can identify and rectify potential hazards. While liability may be imposed on residential and public property owners, premises liability legal actions against these defendants may involve special issues regarding the scope of the duty owed and procedures for pursuing civil liability against a public entity. Some of the categories of premises liability claims that our Rockdale County premises liability attorneys are qualified to handle include:

  • Dog bites
  • Slip and falls
  • Construction accidents
  • Animal attacks
  • Jacuzzi drain entrapment accidents
  • Trip and falls
  • Pool drowning accidents

Rockdale County Workers' Compensation Actions: There are many types of dangerous work environments, including industrial manufacturing plants, agriculture/farming, construction worksites, emergency response occupations and other dangerous worksites. While workplace safety regulations are designed to prevent accidents and workplace injuries, sometimes inadequate training, lax supervision and cost cutting measures result in preventable accidents. When you experience a debilitating work injury, it may impose both physical hardships and financial challenges. The process of seeking full compensation for an on-the-job injury is a good news bad news proposition. While the workers' compensation system does not require you to establish the fault of your employer, it also provides more limited compensation than personal injury claims. Many worksite accidents may provide the basis for dual claims – (1) a personal injury claim against a negligent third party and (2) a claim for liability without fault against one’s employer. The Rockdale County workers' compensation attorneys at Montlick and Associates often coordinate both types of claims so that we can maximize our client’s recovery.

Rockdale County Car Accident Claims: Collisions involving motor vehicles claim the lives of almost 30,000 people per year and cause injury to many more. While some collisions involving motor vehicles may be caused by poorly designed or maintained streets and highways and/or defective motor vehicle components, negligent drivers are responsible for the overwhelming number of motor vehicle accidents. Whether you are involved in a head-on collision, road departure accident, rear-ender, side-impact crash or other motor vehicle accident, you may have a right to file a personal injury lawsuit against a driver who was speeding, committing DUI, using a mobile phone or otherwise driving unsafely. Our experienced Rockdale County motor vehicle accident lawyers provide diligent representation to those who are hurt or lose a family member in all types of vehicle crashes including:

  • Semi-truck accidents (big-rigs, tractor-trailers, 18-wheelers)
  • Single car accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Bicyclists hit by drivers
  • Distracted driving accidents
  • Pedestrians struck my motor vehicles
  • Multi-car accidents and chain reaction accidents
  • Drunken driving accidents
  • Crashes involving speeding and/or reckless drivers
  • Right-of-way accidents

Rockdale County Wrongful Death Claims: When a speeding driver puts shaving a few minutes off a commute above the safety of others, the result can be fatal car accidents. The loss of someone you love is unavoidably painful, but the intensity of the pain may be exponentially greater when the loss is the result of a sudden preventable accident. We handle wrongful death claims related to a wide range of negligent, reckless and intentional misconduct including:

  • Car accidents
  • Commercial trucking accidents
  • Other motor vehicle crashes
  • Construction site accidents
  • Heavy machinery
  • Defective equipment and tools
  • Dangerous drugs

If you have lost someone because of the unintentional or willful conduct of another, our experienced Rockdale County wrongful death attorneys can advise you regarding your rights to pursue compensation for the decedent’s estate and the decedent’s immediate family.

Rockdale County Defective Product Claims: When businesses manufacture products that are unsafe or unreasonably dangerous, product liability law provides a means to shift the cost of loss to the businesses that profit from their products. Because the businesses that design, manufacture and distribute products have unique control over the production and distribution process, they are in an exclusive position to conduct safety inspections and implement quality control measures. Product liability law provides a legal basis for consumers injured by defective products to obtain compensation sometimes based on strict liability. Our Rockdale County product liability attorneys are prepared to take on large corporations and their insurance companies.

Know your legal rights! If you or a loved one has been the victim of a personal injury, we invite you to call us today. Whether negligent, reckless or intentional conduct caused you injury, you may have a legal claim for monetary recovery. At Montlick and Associates, our dedicated and compassionate Georgia personal injury lawyers are here to assist you. Call us now for your FREE CONSULTATION. Our committed and professional legal team is here to help and may pay you a visit if necessary. Call us anytime at 1-800-LAW-NEED (1-800-529-6333) for your FREE CONSULTATION. Visit us on the web at to complete our FREE CASE EVALUATION FORM or access our 24-hour live chat service.

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