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Peachtree Corners Personal Injury Attorneys

For nearly thirty years, our dedicated and experienced Peachtree Corners personal injury attorneys at Montlick and Associates have served the Peachtree Corners community one client at a time based on a commitment to providing our clients with personalized legal services. Our law firm is committed to the idea that the practice of law is a service oriented profession based upon representing clients diligently, compassionately and competently. We recognize the unique issues faced by those who have suffered a significant injuries caused by unsafe or inattentive conduct of others.

Montlick and Associates for nearly thirty years has understood all too well the struggle of personal injury victims. Our Peachtree Corners legal team does not view our clients as simply the sum of the information in a case file. Our personal injury attorneys understand that our clients are real people who may be suffering terribly and that they deserve legal representation based on respect and dignity. Our Peachtree Corners personal injury law firm is dedicated to providing effective legal representation so our clients can obtain the highest quality of life and the fullest physical and emotional recovery. Because we have represented those injured by the careless, reckless and intentional actions of others, we have the experience to provide legal representation in the full range of personal injury cases, including:

Peachtree Corners Auto Accidents: Our Peachtree Corners auto accident attorneys have seen virtually every type of accident caused by negligent drivers. Negligent driving behavior typically involves speeding drivers, drivers on cell phones, text messaging, driving under the influence, failing to stop at lights or stop signs, aggressive driving practices and comparable forms of unsafe driving. Our Peachtree Corners Auto Accident Attorneys are committed to holding drivers accountable for their irresponsible behavior. We have extensive familiarity with the strategies used by insurance companies in defending against Peachtree Corners car accident claims.


Peachtree Corners Dog Bites: Many Peachtree Corners residents have had the unpleasant experience of being on a walk only to encounter a snarling animal that decides to charge at you and attack you. While dogs can be loving pets, they can cause serious injury in a biting or mauling incident if they are not properly restrained or contained in a fenced enclosure. The injuries sustained from these attacks should not be trivialized because they are often serious and necessitate reconstructive surgery, long term treatments, and psychological counseling. As our clients’ Peachtree Corners dog attack attorneys, we investigate to develop an effective strategy based of each client’s individual case.

Peachtree Corners Premises Liability: Property owners that hold their premises open to the public generally have a legal obligation to keep the premises safe and clear of hazards. This area of law that defines the scope of the duty owed by property owners to those who come on their land is premises liability law. Premises liability law turns on a number of complex factors, such as the type of property, reason that the injury victim is on the property, nature of the hazardous condition, and other factors. There are many types of incidents that may give rise to a premises liability claim, including sidewalk slip and fall incidents, accidents in and around swimming pools, dog attack injuries, faulty security, and many other incidents.

Peachtree Corners Trucking Accidents: When trucking companies focus almost solely on profits, important safety regulations and safe driving practices may be cast aside. Our Peachtree Corners trucking accident attorneys are qualified to handle many varieties of tractor-trailer accidents, such as overloaded truck accidents, jackknife collisions, carriage under-ride accidents, fatigued driver collisions, tire blowout rollover accidents and many others.

Peachtree Corners Wrongful Death: When a loved one dies prematurely because someone failed to act in a reasonably safe fashion or a loved one is a victim of a violent crime, the impact on those left behind can be devastating. Our experienced Peachtree Corners wrongful death attorneys know that when you are dealing with the emotional loss of someone you love, the financial hardships of diminished household income can make the situation overwhelming. We know that we cannot give you back what you have lost, but we can help ease the financial pressures for our clients by seeking financial compensation to care for you and your family.

Peachtree Corners Motorcycle Accidents: The most unforgiving motor vehicles may be motorcycles. The careless and lackadaisical tendencies of many motorists in passenger vehicles can be extremely dangerous for smaller motorcycles. Because motorcycle riders have no protection from injury, these types of collisions are far more likely than other motor vehicle accidents to result in devastating permanent injuries.

Peachtree Corners Nursing Home Abuse (Nursing Home Neglect): If you suspect that a staff member of a nursing home is abusing, exploiting or neglecting your elderly loved one, we invite you to contact our Peachtree Corners nursing home attorneys at Montlick and Associates. Our Peachtree Corners nursing home abuse attorneys handle all forms of mistreatment of seniors including financial exploitation, sexual abuse, rape, physical assaults, failure to provide nutrition or hydration, and other forms of mistreatment.

Peachtree Corners Pedestrian Accidents: Although drivers are expected to respect the right of way of pedestrians, drivers often violate traffic safety laws or drive while distracted or intoxicated. Tragically, small children who have less experience at judging speed and distance, and seniors who may need more time to cross the street are disproportionately the victims of pedestrian accidents. Pedestrians have no ability to evade vehicles speeding directly toward them so they are generally at the mercy of motorists. Because of the high probability that pedestrian accidents will result in life-changing injuries, our experienced Peachtree Corners pedestrian accident lawyers are zealous advocates for injury victim.

Peachtree Corners Construction Accidents: Many construction job sites are riddled with unsafe working conditions, potential safety violations, defective equipment and improperly trained workers. Construction industry employees are consistently at the greatest risk of being involved in a fatal workplace accident. If you suffer a severe injury while working in the construction trades, our experienced Peachtree Corners construction accident attorneys may be able to pursue a workers’ compensation claim against your employer and personal injury claim against other negligent parties.

Peachtree Corners Product Liability Attorneys: Product liability claims require an understanding of the manufacturing process, the complex body of product liability law, and the resources to take on multi-national corporate entities. Any dangerous or defective product that causes injury to a consumer may give rise to a claim for money damages. Sometimes a company involved in the production, distribution or marketing of a product may be held legally responsible for injuries caused by their product even if the exact cause of the defect is not known. Because our Peachtree Corners product liability lawyers have been handling product liability cases for nearly three decades, we have the resources and experience to effectively represent our clients in these complex cases.

Peachtree Corners Workers’ Compensation Attorneys: If you are injured at work or while performing duties that benefit your employer, you typically will be entitled to file a workers’ compensation claim. Worker’s compensation benefits are provided by your employer’s insurer may provide medical care free of charge, replacement for lost wages, and sometimes payment for any permanent disabilities. Workers’ compensation claims can be based on physical injury, occupational illness, and mental stress. Because workers’ compensation claims do not provide the full measure of damages available in a personal injury action, we often pursue both types of claims for our clients.

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