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McDonough Personal Injury Attorneys

Our Atlanta Personal Injury Attorneys at Montlick and Associates would like to welcome you to our legal blog. The blog is designed to provide helpful information to injury victims about their legal rights and remedies, and to promote family safety so that accidents can be prevented before they happen. While our attorneys and staff have provided information on many topics, we know that you may have specific questions based on your unique situation. We invite you to contact us for your free consultation with one of our Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyers so that we can evaluate your case, let you know about your legal rights and the steps that need to be taken to protect those rights, and to address your specific concerns and questions.

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McDonough Personal Injury Attorneys

When you or a close family member is seriously injured or a loved one dies because of the unreasonably careless or intentional acts of a third party, the result can be enormous hardships and disruption of your life and the lives of your family members. At Montlick and Associates, our McDonough personal injury lawyers have been providing effective and compassionate legal representation to those who suffer serious injury or wrongful death for nearly three decades. Our law firm is committed to the proposition that injury victims should be compensated for their loss, and those whose inconsiderate or intentional wrongful acts cause injury should be held accountable for their actions.

Our experienced McDonough personal injury attorneys understand the difficult psychological, physical and fiscal obstacles that accident victims must effectively navigate. We work diligently for our clients to seek the financial compensation our clients need so that they can focus on the healing process. Our team of McDonough personal injury lawyers has recovered millions of dollars for McDonough personal injury and wrongful death victims. We know that insurance companies have a substantial war chest of resources that they are prepared to use to avoid compensating injury victims. Our dedicated McDonough personal injury lawyers investigate our clients’ claims and artfully craft an approach to settlement or litigation that we believe will provide the best outcome for our McDonough personal injury clients. Because of our long tenure serving personal injury clients in McDonough and throughout Georgia, we have the skill and experience to handle virtually all varieties of personal injury claims including:

McDonough Car Accidents (Motor Vehicle Accident Claims): Motor vehicles are an indispensable part of our lives, but car accidents and other motor vehicle accidents cause the death of almost thirty thousand people per year. Millions of others are injured in car accidents and other motor vehicle accidents involving drivers whose carelessness causes physical and psychological suffering. Our law firm handles the full spectrum of motor vehicle accidents, including car accidents, trucking accidents (tractor-trailer accidents), motorcycle accidents and busing accidents. We also handle collision cases that involve bicycle accidents and pedestrians who are particularly vulnerable to unsafe drivers. Every year tens of thousands of people die because of drivers who engage in extremely risky driving behavior, such as committing DUI (drunk driving), violating the Georgia rules of the road, disregarding the speed limit and engaging in other forms of unsafe driving.

McDonough Slip and Fall Accidents (Premises Liability Claims): Many people presume that slip and fall accidents do not result in serious injury. To the contrary, falls are the leading cause of death amongst seniors and result in serious debilitating injuries to many others. A slip and fall accident is one type of claim that is covered by the law of premises liability. This area of law covers injuries suffered on the property of private, commercial and public entities. The legal principles that cover your right to recover for injuries suffered on the property of another require a careful analysis of the specific facts of your accident to determine your right to compensation. Whether you are injured in a dog attack, slip and fall, swimming pool or spa accident or negligent security incident, our experienced McDonough premises liability attorneys offer a free case evaluation.

McDonough Dog Attacks (Dog Bites): When dog owners fail to properly restrain their dog on a leash or in their backyard, the result can be a dog attack that causes severe physical injuries and lasting emotional trauma. The law imposes a significant duty on dog owners to protect the public from their dog. While most dog attack cases involve bites and maulings, a dog owner may be liable for allowing their dog to charge a passing bicyclist who falls and breaks a bone. Our law firm is committed to imposing liability on irresponsible dog owners that permit their dogs to cause injury to others.

McDonough Wrongful Death Claims: There are few life experiences more traumatic than losing a loved one because of the failure of a third party to act responsibly. When a loved one dies suddenly and unexpectedly, the toll on those left behind can be overwhelming. Family members must cope with intense grief while handling pragmatic issues like insurance claims, legal requirements and financial challenges. Our McDonough wrongful death attorneys have been providing compassionate and dedicated representation to the victims of drunk drivers, careless drivers of tractor-trailers, assailants with firearms and others who cause the untimely death of others.

McDonough Defective Products Claims: Whether you are injured by a defective drug, poorly designed motor vehicle or unsafe home electronic device, you may have a right to pursue monetary compensation for your injuries from the designer, manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor or retailer. Corporations that entice consumers with dangerous or defective products may be liable to innocent consumers that are injured. Many product liability claims are based on strict liability meaning that the consumer has no obligation to prove the specific negligent conduct that caused the defect. Our McDonough product liability attorneys have the resources and knowledge to take on large corporations when seeking compensation for our clients.

McDonough Nursing Home Injury Claims: When a family faces the challenge of not being able to provide the care an elderly loved one needs, they turn to nursing homes to provide the expert medical, emotional and physical care their family needs. Because of the physical or mental challenges faced by some seniors, they are more likely to be victimized by unscrupulous staff members in nursing home facilities. Nursing home residents must rely on those around them for their care which makes them vulnerable to neglect and abuse, including physical abuse, sexual abuse, chronic neglect, malnutrition, chemical and physical restraint or abandonment. If you believe your elderly loved one has been the victim of nursing home abuse or neglect, our experienced McDonough nursing home attorneys are staunch advocates for victimized seniors.

McDonough Workers' Compensation Claims (Construction Injuries): There are millions of people injured on-the-job each year while working for their employer, and thousands suffer permanently debilitating injuries and fatalities. If you are injured while performing your job or other functions for the benefit of your employer, you may have a claim for workers' compensation benefits or a personal injury claim or both. Our experienced McDonough workers' compensation attorneys understand that it is essential to identify all potential responsible parties and claims so that we can seek the maximum compensation for our clients. Whether you are injured in a construction accident, industrial accident, agricultural accident or in any other industry, Montlick and Associates provides ethical and aggressive representation to those who suffer work-related injuries.

If you or someone you love has suffered a serious personal injury or a loved one has died, our experienced McDonough personal injury lawyers are committed to representing personal injury and wrongful death victims in obtaining compensation to rebuild their lives and support their families. Call now for your FREE CONSULTATION with Montlick and Associates' experienced McDonough personal injury attorneys. Our attorneys are available to help you and may even visit you if needed. You can call us anytime 24/7 at 1-800-LAW-NEED (1-800-529-6333) for a FREE CONSULTATION. Alternatively, you can visit our website to make use of our FREE CASE EVALUATION FORM or 24-hour live online chat service.

McDonough Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

While any type of motor vehicle can expose someone to a potential accident resulting in serious injury, motorcycles pose an unparalleled risk of being involved in horrific accidents that result in catastrophic injury or wrongful death. Motorcycles offer minimal protection, no safety equipment, less stability and a virtually non-existent margin of error when responding to a potential road hazard. This dangerous combination of factors exposes motorcyclists to a far higher risk of being involved in an accident and increases the probability that the resulting injuries will be debilitating and life-altering. While inexperienced riders cause many motorcycle accidents, even the most experienced and competent motorcyclist is extremely vulnerable to unsafe driving practices by those in other motor vehicles, such as cars, trucks, SUVs and tractor-trailers.

Our experienced McDonough motorcycle accident attorneys at Montlick and Associates have successfully represented motorcycle accident victims in McDonough and throughout Georgia. Our committed and experienced McDonough motorcycle collision attorneys are familiar with the unique risk and design features associated with motorcycles that are often a key issue in motorcycle accident lawsuits in Georgia. The successful results obtained by our motorcycle accident lawyers has helped us develop a reputation for proven results with insurance companies, civil trial judges and other personal injury law firms.

Meeting the Unique Challenges Posed by Motorcycle Accident Legal Claims

The unique danger posed to those who ride motorcycles in McDonough is clear when one considers some statistics related to motorcycle accident safety. The motorcycle accident fatality rate has risen every year for 11 consecutive years ending in 2009. According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there are more than 100,000 motorcycles per year involved in motorcycle crashes across the United States. While there are substantially more passenger vehicles on the roads and streets of Georgia, NHTSA data reveals that a motorcycle enthusiast is 39 times more likely to die in a motor vehicle accident per mile driven and eight times more likely to suffer serious injury. More than 4,500 people die annually in motorcycle accidents and another 90,000 suffer injury. Despite the fact that motorcycles account for only three percent of motor vehicles, they are involved in 13 percent of all motor vehicle fatality accidents.

The Deadly Causes of Severe McDonough Motorcycle Crashes

If you suffer physical injury in a motorcycle accident caused by the unsafe or careless conduct of another, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries. The most common legal theory for recovery of damages in a motorcycle accident is negligence. Negligence in its simplest terms is essentially the lack of reasonable care by a third party to avoid causing injury to another. While there are other legal theories for recovering damages in a motorcycle accident lawsuit in McDonough, such as strict liability based on a motorcycle defect, negligence is by far the most common basis for most McDonough motorcycle accident claims. There are many types of negligent conduct that may contribute to a serious motorcycle accident, including the following:

  • Failure of drivers to turn their head and check their blind spot
  • Sudden lane changes resulting in a motorcycle being cut off
  • Drunk drivers or those impaired by illegal narcotics, prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications
  • Drivers distracted by electronic devices, eating in their car or other forms of inattentive driving
  • Passenger vehicle drivers who disregard traffic safety laws
  • Wet or slick roadways and decreased visibility caused by adverse weather conditions
  • Defective motorcycle design or maintenance
  • Roads or highways that are not safely designed or maintained (e.g. pot holes, unmarked dips & shoulder drop-offs)

While many of these factors that contribute to motorcycle accidents in McDonough are also common factors in other types of motor vehicle accidents, they pose special dangers to those riding motorcycles. A motorcyclist margin for error when responding to a negligent driver, roadway hazard like a pothole or a motorcycle mechanical malfunction is so small that it is virtually nonexistent. This incredibly small margin of error makes it essential that motorcycle riders wear helmets at all times. Although Georgia has a mandatory helmet law for all riders, there are still those who choose to disregard this law or that wear helmets that do not meet federal safety standards. The NHTSA estimates that helmets are 37 percent effective in preventing fatalities, which means helmet use saves between 1,100 and 1,200 lives per year. Because head injuries are the leading cause of death and the most common type of catastrophic injury associated with motorcycle crashes, the importance of wearing your helmet at all times cannot be overstated.

The critical role that a motorcycle helmet plays in preventing catastrophic head injuries is amplified by the many other factors that make motorcycles extremely dangerous:

  • Motorcycles are highly unstable and prone to tip over
  • A motorcyclist is hard to see in a passenger vehicle or tractor-trailer blind spot
  • The design of a motorcycle provides absolutely no structural protection
  • Motorcycles are not equipped with routine safety equipment like seatbelts and airbags
  • When the road hazard emergencies occur, a motorcyclist has virtually no time to respond safely

In addition to motorcycle accidents in McDonough that are caused by passenger vehicle driver negligence, some motorcycle accidents are caused by the defective design or manufacturing of a motorcycle. One of the most common motorcycle design defects is the tendency of some motorcycles to wobble at high rates of speed, which is sometimes called the “death wobble.” Another type of product defect found in some motorcycles is an unsafe or flawed braking system. If a product defect associated with your motorcycle contributes to you being involved in a McDonough motorcycle accident, you may have a legal claim for compensation based on products liability law against the manufacturer of the motorcycle.

Motorcycle Accidents in McDonough & Life-Altering Injuries

If you are involved in a serious motorcycle accident in McDonough or the surrounding areas, you may be the victim of significant injuries, including the following:

  • Head injuries, particularly when not wearing a helmet
  • Spinal cord damage resulting in partial or total paralysis
  • Amputation of arms or legs
  • Decapitation
  • Potentially fatal damage to internal organs
  • Severe burns and disfigurement
  • Severe broken bones and fractures
  • Road rash
  • Death

Because there are few “minor” motorcycle accidents, the injuries that typically result from a motorcycle accident may cause severe financial, emotional and physical hardships for a McDonough motorcycle accident victim and his or her family. These types of serious and even catastrophic injuries can have a devastating impact on one’s life including:

  • Loss of cognitive functioning
  • Inability to speak or communicate
  • Impaired mobility
  • Damage to memory, decision-making or judgment
  • Incapacity to care for oneself or live independently
  • Loss of sensation in part or all of one’s body

Our diligent and professional McDonough motorcycle accident lawyers are committed to seeking the best possible outcome for our clients so that you are able to enjoy the highest quality of life even following a catastrophic motorcycle accident. Our law firm deals with the insurance companies and lawyers so that our clients can focus on their recovery and getting back to life as usual.

If you or a close family member has been involved in a McDonough motorcycle accident, the compassionate and dedicated McDonough motorcycle accident lawyers at Montlick and Associates may be able to help you obtain damages for your injuries and loss, including but not limited to the following

  • Hospital bills, rehabilitative expenses, prescriptions and other medical expenses
  • Lost present and past wages
  • Future disability (i.e. loss of future earning capacity)
  • Pain and suffering including diminished enjoyment of life
  • Property damage such as the repair or replacement of your motorcycle or anything on your person
  • Value of loss of society and services from one’s spouse
  • Costs associated with a burial or funeral in a wrongful death action
  • Punitive damages based on the specifics of your motorcycle accident claim

Be aware of your legal rights! If you have been injured because of the failure of a driver on the streets or highways of McDonough to engage in prudent driving practices, you may be eligible for financial compensation. Call now for your FREE CONSULTATION with Montlick and Associates' experienced McDonough motorcycle accident attorneys.

Our attorneys are available to help you and may even visit you if needed. You can call us anytime 24/7 at 1-800-LAW-NEED (1-800-529-6333) for a FREE CONSULTATION. Alternatively, you can visit our website at to make use of our FREE CASE EVALUATION FORM or 24-hour live online chat service.

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