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GA Personal Injury Attorney

Each GA personal injury attorney at Montlick and Associates have been providing passionate advocacy and effective legal representation in personal injury settlement negotiations and litigation for those who are injured by the irresponsible or intentional misconduct of others. We understand that it is never easy to be the victim of a serious accident, but the emotional hardship of dealing with severe injuries is even more stressful when they are the result of the careless, indifferent or criminal actions of a third party. We have provided sound legal advice and aggressive representation to thousands of injury victims in Atlanta and throughout Georgia since our law firm was established in 1984.

Because construction accidents, motor vehicle collision claims, slip and fall accidents, hospital errors, workplace accidents and other types of accidents can cause catastrophic injuries, the sooner you seek legal counsel and representation from an Atlanta personal injury attorney, the better the chance you will not compromise your case. There are many types of mistakes that can undermine a viable personal injury claim. These potential pitfalls include damaging statements, statute of limitations, failure to obtain prompt medical treatment, tort claims acts procedures or deadlines, loss of evidence and more. Each experienced GA personal injury attorney from our firm understands the important timing requirements, factual investigations, substantive legal requirements and communications with insurance companies that must be handled to effectively pursue your personal injury claim. Because of our long prolific history of obtaining financial compensation for those who suffer serious injury or wrongful death in Atlanta, we have the resources, expertise and experience to successfully represent clients in the full range of personal injury cases including:

Atlanta Car, Truck & Motorcycle Accidents: While there are many factors that may be involved in causing a collision between motor vehicles, certain types of factors are on the rise including distracted and drowsy driving. The availability of a growing number of electronic devices like cell phones, iPads, MP3 players and more have caused a spike in car accidents directly related to distracted driving. Because many people are being forced to work longer hours and negotiate heavy traffic, lack of sleep is also on the rise as a cause of serious car accidents resulting in major injuries and tragic loss of life. Although motor vehicle accidents in Atlanta and the rest of Georgia are increasingly linked to these factors, it does not mean that the risk of being involved in a collision with a drunk driver or speeding driver has improved. Our experienced Atlanta auto accident attorneys represent clients in the full range of motor vehicle accidents, truck accidents and motorcycle accidents.

Atlanta Dog Bites (Dog Maulings – Dog Attacks): Georgia law places the responsibility for most dog bite and dog attack incidents on the homeowner who chooses to purchase a dog as a pet. While a dog attack victim may have their legal claim compromised if they engage in conduct that antagonizes a dog, most dog bite victims are in no position to prevent a dog attack. Dog attacks are hardly a rare occurrence as evidenced by the fact that they constitute the leading injury-related claim against homeowners' insurance policies. If the homeowner has observed behavior or been told of behavior by his or her dog that should have put the homeowner on notice that his dog was capable of viciousness, the homeowner may be liable for injuries regardless of fault. Further, a homeowner may also be liable based on negligence or violation of law. Our experienced Atlanta dog bite lawyers at Montlick and Associates are committed to holding dog owners financially responsible when they fail to protect innocent victims from dangerous animals.

Atlanta Wrongful Deaths: There are few life experiences more painful than the death of a close family member. The pain and grief associated with the death of a loved one is all the more profound when the cause is intentional or negligent misconduct by a third party. Wrongful death cases pose an intense financial burden on families while they are trying to emotionally cope with the loss of their loved one. The Georgia wrongful death statute permits parents, spouses and children to seek financial compensation for their loss of inheritance and other losses resulting from the death of a loved one. The estate of the wrongful death victim may also seek damages for lost income, pain and suffering prior to death, medical expenses and other costs born by the estate of the decedent. We understand the devastating emotional toll of losing a loved one because of a negligent doctor in a hospital or a negligent driver on the freeway so we diligently take care of insurance and legal issues so that our clients can focus on recovering from their painful loss.

Atlanta Workers' Compensation Claims: Although the workers' compensation system in Georgia provides a remedy for workers that are injured or suffer an occupational illness, there are procedural requirements and deadlines that must be met to avoid damaging your claim. Further, the interests of your employer’s workers' compensation insurance provider are in direct conflict with your need to maximize the benefits you receive. Whether you are injured in a manufacturing accident, construction accident, agricultural accident or suffer from mesothelioma caused by asbestos exposure, our experienced Atlanta workers' compensation attorneys can represent you and navigate these procedural and timing requirements while protecting you from unethical tactics by your employer’s workers' compensation provider. We can also explore the possibility of more extensive compensation by pursuing a personal injury action against a third party to supplement the benefits you receive in your workers' compensation claim.

Atlanta Premises Liability Claims (Slip and Falls): When you are attacked by a dog or fall on a wet floor while on the premises of another, there are many factors that play a role in determining your right to financial recovery for your injuries. Some of these factors include the following:

  • Residential, commercial or public property
  • Purpose of the visit (business or social visit)
  • Nature of the hazard (manmade or natural occurring)
  • Environmental factors like lighting
  • Steps taken to remedy or warn of hazards
  • “Open and obvious” nature of the hazard
  • Child or adult visitor

While these are only a few of the considerations that must be analyzed when determining whether you have the basis for a premises liability claim, they make it clear that a factual investigation is important in premises liability cases. Our experienced Atlanta personal injury attorneys have a wealth of experience representing clients injured in accidents on the premises of others.

Atlanta Dangerous and Defective Products: Defective product cases can be among the most difficult of personal injury claims so many personal injury law firms lack the financial resources and expertise to represent clients injured by unsafe products. Product liability litigation often involves taking on large corporations with enormous financial resources and a stable of attorneys and experts. Because we have been challenging large corporations whose products cause injury to unsuspecting consumers for close to three decades, we have the skill, expertise and experience to go toe to toe with big corporations with deep pockets. We are committed to holding companies that create and sell products responsible for the injuries their products cause to their patrons.

If you or someone you love has suffered a serious personal injury or a loved one has died, our experienced Atlanta personal injury lawyers are committed to representing personal injury and wrongful death victims in obtaining compensation to rebuild their lives and support their families. Call now for your FREE CONSULTATION with Montlick and Associates' experienced Atlanta personal injury attorneys. Our attorneys are available to help you and may even visit you if needed. You can call us anytime 24/7 at 1-800-LAW-NEED (1-800-529-6333) for your FREE CONSULTATION. Alternatively, you can visit our website at to make use of our FREE CASE EVALUATION FORM or 24-hour live online chat service.

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