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Griffin Personal Injury Attorneys

Our Atlanta Personal Injury Attorneys at Montlick and Associates would like to welcome you to our legal blog. The blog is designed to provide helpful information to injury victims about their legal rights and remedies, and to promote family safety so that accidents can be prevented before they happen. While our attorneys and staff have provided information on many topics, we know that you may have specific questions based on your unique situation. We invite you to contact us for your free consultation with one of our Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyers so that we can evaluate your case, let you know about your legal rights and the steps that need to be taken to protect those rights, and to address your specific concerns and questions.

No matter where you are located our attorneys are just a phone call away, and we will even come to you. Call us 24 hours a day/7 days a week for your Free Consultation at 1-800-LAW-NEED (1-800-529-6333). Or use our Free Case Evaluation Form or 24-hour Live Online Chat.

Griffin Personal Injury Attorneys

If you are looking for a law firm comprised of Griffin personal injury attorneys dedicated to providing effective legal representation to victims of negligent or intentional acts or omissions of third parties, Montlick and Associates has been representing Griffin injury victims since 1984. Our knowledgeable and experienced attorneys and legal team recognize that suffering painful injuries that result in potentially permanent debilitating injuries can be life-changing.

The Griffin personal injury attorneys at Montlick and Associates routinely represent victims of accidents and intentional torts in complex and challenging personal injury and wrongful death cases. Our goal is to deliver the legal representation that our clients need to provide a financial foundation for a better future and to give our clients back, to the degree the law allows, as much as can be returned of our clients’ quality of life.

Montlick and Associates utilizes state of the art technology in case management, discovery and courtroom presentations. We are committed to effective analysis of the facts and law so that we can craft a winning legal strategy for settlement negotiations and trial when necessary. Because of our long tenure handling personal injury cases in Griffin, we have established a reputation that frequently results in our ability to negotiate an appropriate settlement for our clients.

Griffin Motor Vehicle Accident Cases: Our Griffin law firm provides effective legal representation for all types of motor vehicle accidents including:

Auto Accidents In Griffin: Drivers who fail to obey traffic safety laws and who drive when intoxicated, drowsy or distracted can cause accidents with life-altering consequences.

Trucking Accidents: No single vehicle on the roads of Griffin and the greater metro-Atlanta area pose a greater danger to other motorists and pedestrians than tractor-trailers. These 80,000-pound behemoths are far more likely to cause a motor vehicle accident fatality than other motor vehicles.

Motorcycle Accidents: When you ride a motorcycle on freeways and city streets in the Griffin area, you have virtually no way to prevent injury from negligent or reckless drivers.

Pedestrian Accidents: While a growing number of people are “hoofing it” for exercise, the roads of Atlanta and the surrounding areas like Griffin have developed a national reputation for offering less than exemplary safety for pedestrians.

Griffin Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect: If your elderly loved one is the victim of serious neglect or physical, emotional, financial or sexual abuse, your loved one may have a right to seek compensation for the failure of a nursing home to comply with its legal and contractual obligations to provide for the care and needs of residents.

Griffin Workers' Compensation Claims (Construction Accidents): Our Griffin construction accident attorneys handle on-the-job injuries for employees in many industries including the construction industry. Construction work sites are a virtual minefield of potential hazards including heavy equipment, electrocution risks, open trenches, unfinished floors, scaffoldings and much more. Our Griffin workers' compensation attorneys at Montlick and Associates often analyze the factual basis for advancing personal injury claims and workers' compensation claims so that we can expand the available damages available to our clients injured in the workplace.

Griffin Wrongful Death Compensation: There is no amount of money that can adequately compensate someone who has prematurely lost a loved one because of another’s carelessness or intentional act of violence. While we know that monetary recovery will not bring your loved one back, it can help you deal with the real financial hardships that arise when you lose a family member who earned a substantial amount of a family’s household income. We believe that those who engage in irresponsible behavior that causes the death of another should be held accountable to deter such conduct in the future.

Griffin Slip and Falls: The area of law that delineates the obligations of property owners to warn visitors or remedy unsafe conditions on their property is called premises liability law. Many Griffin slip and fall accidents are both extremely serious and preventable. Falls are the leading cause of accidental injury among the elderly. These cases can be very complex. The determination of the scope of a property owner’s duty and compliance with that duty turns on a detailed fact intensive inquiry. If you or someone you love is injured in a slip and fall accident in Griffin, you should seek legal representation promptly before remedial measures are employed which may eliminate critical evidence.

Griffin Product Liability Claims: When parents buy toys for their children or a new car for their teenager, they never expect that the product will be defective and cause serious injury. Tragically, thousands of children and adults suffer serious injuries and even wrongful death caused by unsafe and defective products each year. While many personal injury law firms are not equipped to handle major product liability cases against large corporations, Montlick and Associates is prepared to take on multi-national corporations and Fortune 500 companies when their product hurts unsuspecting consumers.

If you or someone you love has suffered a serious personal injury or a loved one has died, our experienced Griffin personal injury lawyers are committed to representing personal injury and wrongful death victims in obtaining compensation to rebuild their lives and support their families. Call now for a FREE CONSULTATION with Montlick and Associates' experienced Griffin personal injury attorneys. Our attorneys are available to help you and may even visit you if needed. You can call us anytime 24/7 at 1-800-LAW-NEED (1-800-529-6333) for a FREE CONSULTATION. Alternatively, you can visit our website,, to make use of our FREE CASE EVALUATION FORM or 24-hour live online chat service.

Atlanta Vehicle Accident Attorneys

If you have suffered serious injury in an Atlanta auto accident, you may feel paralyzed by the pressure of coping with insurance carriers while trying to recover from intense physical pain and the anxiety that usually accompanies being involved in such a traumatic event. When one is recovering from the physical injuries and emotional scars caused by a serious Atlanta car accident, the stress of negotiating the complex legal requirements to protect your auto accident claim can be overwhelming. While some insurance adjusters are friendly and seem helpful, you should view the other driver’s insurance adjuster as a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.” The insurance adjuster, no matter how amicable, is not concerned with facilitating your auto insurance claim. The insurance adjuster’s job is to find a basis to deny your claim or to pay you pennies on the dollar.

Our Atlanta vehicle accident attorneys at Montlick and Associates have been providing conscientious and compassionate legal representation to those injured by drunk, distracted, speeding and otherwise negligent drivers since our law firm was founded almost three decades ago. When you are involved in a motor vehicle collision in Atlanta or throughout the greater Atlanta area, there is a ton of details to be dealt with including obtaining medical treatment, getting your vehicle fixed and paying household bills when you are unable to work. When Atlanta car accident injury victims attempt to negotiate directly with the insurance company without an experienced auto accident attorney, they are at an incredible disadvantage because of virtually unlimited resources insurance companies have to defend against claims. Our team of dedicated Atlanta auto accident lawyers are prepared to go toe-to-toe with insurance companies so that our clients are treated fairly and receive the financial compensation that they deserve.

Determining a Atlanta Car Accident Victim's Right to Financial Compensation

The law of negligence governs the right to compensation for injuries caused by drivers and other parties that cause car accidents because of a failure to exercise reasonable care. Drivers are expected to exercise reasonable care to prevent injury to other drivers, motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians. Sometimes merely establishing that a driver violated a traffic safety law and that the violation caused your injuries may be sufficient to prove that the driver was negligent. An obvious example would be a driver who runs a red light at an intersection and T-bones your vehicle in the middle of the intersection.

There are many types of negligent driving practices that may form a basis for liability in an Atlanta car accident case including:

  • Driving more rapidly than the speed limit
  • Driving while one’s driving abilities are impacted by drugs or alcohol
  • Using a mobile phone to text message, place calls, surf the web, check email or read while driving
  • Not allowing a proper following distance
  • Distracted drivers
  • Executing an illegal or unsafe turn
  • Failing to check the adjacent lane before making a lane change
  • Blowing through traffic signals or stop signs at intersections
  • Lack of caution in work zones
  • Driving aggressively or recklessly (e.g. passing on the shoulder or street racing)

While this is just a short list of unsafe driving practices that may constitute the basis for a negligence claim in an Atlanta car accident, these are among the most common causes of serious collisions. The vast array of auto collisions in Atlanta is as extensive as the types of collisions. Some of the types of collisions that our experienced Atlanta car accident attorneys handle include:

  • Single vehicle run off the road accidents
  • Sideswipe accidents
  • Head-on collisions
  • Side impact collisions
  • Rear impact accidents
  • Rollover accidents
  • Vehicle ejection accidents
  • Multi-car pileups

Although in most cases, you will be seeking compensation and negotiating with a negligent driver’s insurance company, this is not the exclusive source of recovery for serious injuries suffered in a car accident. There are other parties that may be responsible for your accident including government bodies, vehicle manufacturers, vehicle owners, employers of negligent drivers and others. Many Atlanta car accidents cause devastating injuries that can result in staggering medical bills. Our experienced Atlanta car accident attorneys explore all possible sources of recovery to secure sufficient insurance coverage to fully cover the full spectrum of our clients’ losses.

Serious Injuries Necessitate a Full Range of Damages

There are many types of injuries that may be caused by a motor vehicle collision ranging from soft tissue injuries that will eventually completely heal to catastrophic injuries that will have a severe permanent impact on an injury victim’s quality of life. Common soft tissue injuries include whiplash neck injuries and torn ligaments or tendons of the joints. More serious injuries that will eventually heal but may require surgery or substantial medical treatment include fractures, broken bones and serious burns. The most tragic of injuries are those that mean a permanent loss of intellectual or physical functioning, such as brain injuries, loss of extremities, spinal cord injuries and even wrongful death.

We carefully analyze the nature of our clients’ injuries to determine what type of compensation they may be entitled to seek. Generally, the more permanent and life-altering one’s injuries the greater the damages. While extensive medical bills often accompany cases where more substantial financial recovery is appropriate, this does not always need to be the case. The precise types of damages that are available in your Atlanta car accident case will depend on the specific circumstances of your case. Some of the types of damages that may be available in a Atlanta auto accident claim include:

  • Reimbursement for lost wages, salary or commission
  • Expenses related to diagnosis, treatment or rehabilitation
  • Pain and suffering
  • Diminished future earning capacity
  • Adverse impact on one’s relationship with a spouse
  • Damages to punish particularly reckless driving (exemplary/punitive damages)
  • Wrongful death compensation (e.g. costs related to funeral and/or burial)

Be aware of your legal rights! If you have been injured because of the failure of a driver on the streets or highways of Atlanta to engage in prudent driving practices, you may be eligible for financial compensation. Call now for a FREE CONSULTATION with Montlick and Associates' experienced Atlanta car accident attorneys.

Our Atlanta vehicle accident attorneys are available to help you and may even visit you if needed. You can call us anytime 24/7 at 1-800-LAW-NEED (1-800-529-6333) for a FREE CONSULTATION. Alternatively, you can visit our website at to make use of our FREE CASE EVALUATION FORM or 24-hour live online chat service.

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