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Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer

At Montlick and Associates, our Atlanta personal injury lawyer have been protecting the financial interest and legal rights of personal injury victims for close to three decades. Our law firm is founded on the principle that the legal profession should be service oriented and that legal services should be focused on seeking the best possible outcome for our clients. When representing those injured in car accidents, semi-truck accidents, construction falls, worksite accidents, malfunctioning product accidents and other types of incidents resulting in serious injury or wrongful death, we devote our considerable experience and resources to aggressively pursuing the compensation our clients need so they can concentrate on healing physically and emotionally.

We understand that many people who suffer personal injury have had minimal contact with the legal process and court system so it can be intimidating to pursue a legal claim. While some injured in car accidents are tempted to simply work things out with the other driver’s insurance company, it is a virtual certainty that you will not receive the genuine value of your claim unless you are represented by an experienced personal injury attorney. Insurance company profits are dictated by denying and reducing the amount paid on claims so if an insurance adjuster contacts you, the goal of the adjuster is to avoid paying the actual value of your claim. Our experienced Atlanta personal injury attorneys negotiate aggressively with insurance companies based on careful analysis of the facts, research on the value of similar cases and thorough knowledge of the law. We represent clients in many kinds of cases including:

Atlanta Car Accident Legal Cases (Motor Vehicle Accidents): When a driver travels the streets of Atlanta after a long night of drinking or drives at an excessive rate of speed, the driver is intentionally putting his or her own convenience above the safety of other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. While hundreds of thousands of people are injured in motor vehicle accidents annually, most of these collisions are the direct result of a conscious decision not to drive safely. The leading causes of car accidents in Atlanta and throughout Georgia are the result of this type of irresponsible risk-taking behavior, including the following:

  • DUI/DWI accidents
  • Using a cell phone when driving
  • Driving too fast
  • Focusing on activities other than one’s driving
  • Reckless driving like weaving through traffic while speeding
  • Drivers impaired by some form of legal medication or illicit drug

While avoiding these types of careless and unsafe driving practices might not prevent all Atlanta car accidents, it would certainly reduce the volume of people that suffer severe injuries and the number of wrongful deaths caused by car accidents, trucking accidents (tractor-trailers), motorcycle accidents and pedestrian accidents. Our Atlanta car accident attorneys are committed to seeking the compensation motor vehicle accident victims need so that they can focus on recovering from their injuries.

Atlanta Dog Bite Legal Cases (Dog Attack and Mauling Claims): The law imposes a substantial duty on those who choose to own dogs or other pets to take precautions to prevent injuries to others caused by an animal attack. When the owner has witnessed or received reports of past dangerous or aggressive behavior by his or her dog, the dog owner may be subject to strict liability for subsequent dog attacks. This does not mean that the dog must have previously been involved in a biting incident but merely that the dog exhibited aggressive behavior that should have alerted the dog owner of the potential risk. A dog owner also may be subject to the law of strict liability when the dog owner neglects to comply with local laws regarding requirements for preventing their dog from “running at large.” Even when these situations do not apply, a dog owner has a legal obligation to exercise reasonable care to prevent a dog bite or other dog attack injuries. Our Atlanta dog bite lawyers at Montlick and Associates understand the importance of interviewing witnesses and investigating the facts surrounding a dog attack so we can construct the most persuasive case for our clients.

Atlanta Wrongful Death Legal Cases: While it may be customary to tell a surviving family member who has lost a loved one that “we understand what you are feeling,” we know that your grief is a very intense and personal experience. While we represent families with empathy and compassion, we cannot alleviate the pain of losing someone you love. However, we can make it easier to focus on your emotional recovery by easing the financial issues that may accompany the loss of a loved one caused by the unreasonably careless, inattentive or intentional misconduct of a third party. Our Atlanta wrongful death lawyers have been helping families compensate for the loss of financial support since our law firm was founded in 1984.

Atlanta Workers' Compensation Claims: Many people who suffer on-the-job injuries caused by a careless machine operator in an industrial plant, improperly shored excavation on a constructing site or inattentive drivers at the workplace are vaguely aware that they are protected by the workers' compensation system. Because most employees only have a broad understanding of their rights, they may make the mistake of simply trusting their employer’s workers' compensation insurance carrier to treat them fairly. However, insurance companies do not exist to maximize the payment of legitimate claims. Our experienced workers' compensation attorneys protect clients from unrealistic assessments of the severity of their injuries and excessively optimistic prognosis for their recovery. Although workers' compensation benefits provide income replacement, free medical care and permanent disability benefits based on your percentage of disability, there are many types of compensation that are unavailable. Our experienced Atlanta workers' compensation attorneys know that many injuries are caused by more than one party. We investigate on-the-job injuries so that we can identify all potential parties that contribute to an accident. When a third party’s actions contributes to your workplace accident, we may also be able to seek damages in a personal injury lawsuit for pain and suffering, diminished quality of life, punitive damages and more.

Atlanta Premises Liability Legal Claims (Slip and Fall Accidents): Most people that visit grocery stores, department stores, restaurants, college campuses, bars and other commercial establishments held open to the public have observed hazards that can cause injury to those who come on the property. These dangers can be diverse and include spilled beverages on slippery floors, fallen merchandise in poorly lit aisles, swimming pools with missing gates or drain covers and vicious dogs that are not chained up or fenced. Georgia premises liability law imposes a legal duty on property owners to keep their premises safe from such hazards and/or warn those that come on their property of non-apparent dangers. While injury claims in premise liability claims turn on a careful analysis of many facts, you may have a right to financial compensation if you are injured on the premises of another. At Montlick and Associates, our experienced Atlanta premises liability attorneys offer injury victims a free initial consultation so that we can analyze your case and advise you regarding your right to pursue a legal action.

Atlanta Defective Product Legal Claims: The tragic reality associated with defective product legal claims is that most defects are not discovered or made public to consumers until serious injury or fatalities have already occurred. Federal agencies like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) regulate many products to protect consumers, but most times these agencies issue warnings and implement recalls based on an accumulation of adverse incident reports. The best way to protect consumers from being injured by products that are defective before injuries occur is the specter of civil liability in a product defects case. Because businesses know that they will be held financially responsible for potential harm caused by their products, they have an incentive to invest appropriate resources to ensure that their products are safe when they are sold to the public. If you or someone you love has suffered serious injury or wrongful death because of a defective product, our experienced Atlanta product defect lawyers have a proven track record of taking on major corporations whose products cause injury to consumers.

If you or someone you love has suffered a serious personal injury or a loved one has died, our experienced Atlanta personal injury lawyers are committed to representing personal injury and wrongful death victims in obtaining compensation to rebuild their lives and support their families. Call now for your FREE CONSULTATION with Montlick and Associates' experienced Atlanta personal injury lawyer. Our attorneys are available to help you and may even visit you, if needed. You can call us anytime 24/7 at 1-800-LAW-NEED (1-800-529-6333) for a FREE CONSULTATION. Alternatively, you can visit our website,, to make use of our FREE CASE EVALUATION FORM or 24-hour live online chat service.

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