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If you suffer a serious injury or lose a loved one in a fatal fall on another person's premises, an experienced Athens slip, trip and fall attorney can advise you regarding your legal rights and potential remedies. Although there are many types of accidents that cause significant injury, slip, trip and fall incidents are among the least understood because they often are depicted as minor accidents that cause little damage except to a victim's pride. The misconception that slip, trip and fall accidents do not result in serious physical injury is evidenced by statistics involving severe injury and wrongful death associated with falls caused by unsafe conditions. Accidents involving falls send almost 9 million people per year to emergency rooms according to the National Safety Council (NSC). The agency also reports that falls cause the death of 17,000 people per year, which makes slip, trip and fall accidents the second leading cause of accidental deaths nationally.

If you or a loved one suffers injury or a loved one dies in a slip, trip and fall accident in Athens, Georgia, you might have a legal claim against a public entity, residential property owner or commercial property owner. Our Athens slip and fall and trip and fall accident attorneys conduct an appropriate investigation so that we can identify hazardous conditions that contribute to a fall, as well as the duration of time that the hazard was present. We also frequently gather evidence like past accident reports, witness statements, maintenance records/logs, surveillance footage and other forms of evidence to establish that a property owner knew or should have known about an unsafe condition but failed to implement appropriate remedial measures to prevent an accident.

Athens, Slip, Trip and Fall Laws – Georgia Premises Liability Law

The area of law that covers injuries suffered in incidents where people slip or trip on the property of another is referred to as "premises liability law." This area of the law imposes liability on the owners or occupiers of premises who fail to either warn those who come on their property of potential hazards or who do not implement adequate measures to remedy unsafe conditions on their property.

When our Athens slip, trip and fall lawyers pursue a claim for damages for injuries suffered in a fall on another person's property, we investigate the facts and analyze the basis for imposing liability on the property owner. These cases tend to turn on subtle factual distinctions that include:

  • Duration of time that the hazard has been present
  • Nature of the hazard
  • Ease of discovery of the hazard for those visiting the premises
  • Whether the unsafe condition was caused by the property owner
  • Property owner's actual or constructive knowledge about the danger
  • Measures taken to warn or remedy the fall hazard
  • Inspection and maintenance practices of the property owner
  • Whether the accident occurred on business, public or residential premises
  • Purpose of the visit by the injury victim
  • Evidence of prior accidents involving the unsafe condition

Although these are only a few of the factual issues that must be considered when evaluating a slip, trip and fall accident, these examples demonstrate the intense factual inquiry involved in many claims based on falls that result in serious injury or wrongful death.

Hazards Causing Slip and Fall Accidents (Trip and Fall Accidents) in Athens

There are many obstacles and hazards that can cause someone to trip or slip ranging from a spilled beverage on the floor of a grocery store to a stack of books in a dimly lit part of a public library. While there are a virtually unlimited number of such hazards, some common examples include:

  • Uneven flooring
  • Broken pavement
  • Stairs with missing railings or broken steps
  • Spills involving slick or sticky substances
  • Cluttered walkways
  • Bunched up rugs
  • Poor lighting

When these hazards are present, they may lead to accidents involving serious falls in a variety of settings, including but not limited to the following:

  • Shopping in supermarkets or convenience stores
  • Patronizing bars and restaurants
  • Attending university and college campuses
  • Conducting business at county courthouses or city hall
  • Workman on construction sites
  • Attending functions for civil service organizations
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