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18 Wheeler Truck Accident Lawyers
Montlick & Associates: Aggressive Representation For Victims Of Large Truck Crashes

Montlick & Associates, Attorneys at Law, are based in Atlanta but offer legal services to a much greater region throughout the Southeastern United States. Our firm proudly represents victims from Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.  Montlick & Associates provides legal assistance to the victims of large truck crashes and their families with experience, knowledge, and compassion.  At Montlick & Associates, we treat each client’s case as if it was our own, giving our clients the effective representation they need to maximize the value of their cases under the law.

Montlick & Associates has 40 attorneys and approximately 100 staff members ready to meet our clients’ legal needs. We are a team of dedicated legal professionals whose unified goal is to seek justice for victims who were injured by the negligence or intentional actions of another person or company. With 33 years of serving personal injury victims and their families, Montlick & Associates has built a reputation as hardworking, dedicated and compassionate legal professionals.

Southern Roads are Crowded with Trucks 

The United States runs on large trucks. Despite the enormous advances in air delivery systems, many manufacturers, distributors, and retailers ship their goods throughout the roads. This common occurrence of shipping via tractor trailer truck causes roads to be overwhelmed with large trucks, seemingly more so in the Southeastern region of the United States than anywhere else.  Consider:

  • Large trucks represent 4.3% of all vehicles on the roads;
  • Large trucks account for 10% of all highway miles traveled annually;
  • Tractor trailers and other large vehicles predominantly travel on the Interstate system, where up to one in every four vehicles is a large truck on some heavily utilized stretches of road; and
  • Trucks haul 34.2 million tons of freight each day in the U.S.

Truck Accident Statistics 

Collisions with a tractor-trailer or other large truck are frequently catastrophic. The vast size and weight differential between a passenger car and large truck create a potentially deadly situation for the occupants of the smaller vehicle.  Notwithstanding, only one percent of all large truck crashes that happened in 2014 were fatal. In context, however, data reported to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration demonstrates that there were 411,000 truck crashes that year. Almost 4,000 caused at least one fatality. Twenty percent, or 82,000, resulted in injuries. Additionally, the data showed that crashes tend to occur in the evening and overnight and 88% of all truck crashes occurred during the traditional work week.

The numbers in 2015 are substantially similar. 3,852 people tragically died in large truck crashes. In those accidents, 69% of the people killed were occupants of a passenger vehicle and 15% of the people killed were pedestrians, bicyclists, or motorcyclists.

Causes of Large Truck Accidents 

The primary cause of truck crashes is stopping distance. Trucks loaded with freight take 20-40% longer to stop than a passenger car. That does not take into account wet and slippery road surfaces, which will increase the stopping distance substantially. Driver fatigue is another common issue. Even though federal regulations limit the amount of time the driver is allowed behind the wheel, fatigue is a leading factor in crashes.  A truck driver's senses must be acute at all times because of the possibility that a shifting load, uneven weight distribution, or other emergency factors can cause accidents while driving. Inattention can also result in the driver losing control over the truck.

Seek Legal Representation If You or a Loved One Is a Victim of a Collision with a Large Truck.

At Montlick & Associates, our attorneys understand the severity of large truck accidents, which commonly result in serious injuries to victims.  In fact, many require costly, long term medical care and sustain heavy economic losses due to their inability to work.  Moreover, victims can become physically disabled and endure long periods of time in pain. They also often require knowledgeable and experienced legal representation because trucking claims can present complicated factual and legal issues of both Federal and State law.

Furthermore, the time you have to file a claim, known as the statute of limitations,  varies from state to state. Missing important filing deadlines can also result in the denial of your claims. Moreover, evidence and witnesses can disappear shortly following an accident, so if you have been involved in any type of accident involving someone else’s negligence, do not delay in seeking legal assistance because you have a limited time to pursue a claim.

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