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Palmetto Personal Injury Lawyers

Since 1984 Montlick and Associates has been providing the community of Palmetto with quality legal representation. Many residents of Palmetto and the surrounding areas who are injured by unsafe, unreasonable, or intentional misconduct use our law firm to seek the compensation they need for medical bills, vehicle repair, loss of earnings and other damages. Our team of experienced Palmetto personal injury attorneys understand that life can change in an instant when you are involved in an accident. At Montlick and Associates, we are committed to representing victims of injury who are faced with the challenge of rebuilding their lives after a severe accident or act of violence. This law firm accepts the full scope of injury cases for Palmetto residents including:

Palmetto Motor Vehicle Accidents: Each and every day thousands of individuals are injured in motor vehicle accidents through no fault of their own. In most cases, the victims needlessly suffer because of someone else’s negligent behavior while traveling our streets and highways. Unsafe conduct, such as not paying attention while driving, driving too fast, or operating one’s car while intoxicated, generally constitutes negligent conduct that may entitle an accident victim to financial compensation. Our Palmetto car accident attorneys aggressively seek the compensation that our clients require for medical bills and other losses so that our clients can concentrate on making a full recovery. We represent those injured in many types of collisions, involving vehicles including: road departure collisions, motorcycle accidents, front impact collisions, side impact collisions, pedestrian-car crashes, bicycle accidents, T-bone crashes, rear impact crashes, bus collisions, vehicle rollovers and many more.

Palmetto Trucking Accidents: Collisions that involve tractor-trailers can be catastrophic and often lead to permanent damage or serious injuries that require an extensive amount of expensive medical care. The task of seeking proper compensation in these types of injury cases without an experienced Palmetto trucking accident attorney on your side can be difficult because trucking companies have vast resources set up to help them avoid liability for negligence by the trucking company and truck driver. Montlick and Associates can provide experienced Palmetto trucking accident lawyers who understand trucking regulations, practices and strategies for avoiding the loss of evidence that occurs in the wake of many trucking accidents.

Palmetto Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect: It is sad, but very true, that abuse and neglect is rampant in many nursing homes. Financial exploitation, physical abuse, emotional abuse, dehydration, malnutrition, and errors in administering medication are just a few examples of the issues that are repeatedly documented in legal claims brought against nursing homes. Often family members feel powerless to help their loved ones due to financial constraints because the cost of private elder care facilities can be prohibitively expensive. Our Palmetto nursing home abuse attorneys understand that seniors can have difficulty defending themselves so we are committed to holding those who neglect and abuse seniors accountable for their actions.

Palmetto Slip and Fall Accidents: Businesses often “overlook” hazardous conditions in order to save time and money. When inadequate staffing or maintenance leads to accidents involving slip and falls, the result can be severe, debilitating injuries for patrons, suppliers, and others visiting the business. Some of the most common reasons a person slips and falls is because of debris, broken sidewalks, wet floors, or bad lighting. Owners of commercial and public property open to the public, and to a lesser degree residential property owners owe a duty to take care to prevent slip and fall accidents on their property. Slip and fall accidents are one type of case that falls under the rubric of premises liability, other examples involve crimes resulting from inadequate security, attacks by animals, construction project injuries, and drowning incidents involving children.

Palmetto Wrongful Death: Unfortunately, many people die because of another person’s negligence or intentional misconduct. Deaths that occur because of another individual’s indifference, unsafe actions, or violent acts are all considered wrongful deaths. Wrongful death suits often involve accidents on construction sites, auto accidents due to driver negligence, and medical malpractice. If you have lost someone you love because of the refusal of another to exercise reasonable care for the safety of others, our experienced Palmetto wrongful death attorneys at Montlick and Associates are committed to representing surviving family members during this difficult time.

Palmetto Dog Bites: Many dog owners negligently handle their pets or fail to take the extra care required to protect others from a dog attack when they have reason to know that their dog is dangerous or vicious. This often results in a person, often an innocent child, being bitten. Dogs, especially those that are aggressive, should always be properly restrained. Negligence, disregard of leash laws, and mere ownership of aggressive animals puts others at risk. Those that suffer injuries because a dog owner does not take sufficient steps to prevent a dog attack may be held responsible for the harm caused. Our Palmetto dog bite attorneys at Montlick and Associates may be able to represent you in a personal injury claim against the dog owner’s insurance company.

Palmetto Accidents at Work: Every type of job has hazards that can cause work-related injuries resulting in temporary or permanent disability, the need for medical treatment, and the inability to work. Exposure to chemical substances, repetitive motion injuries, personal injuries, and intense job-related stress are just a few examples of injuries that may justify a claim for workers' compensation benefits. The Palmetto workers' compensation attorneys at Montlick and Associates have a substantial amount of experience with these types of claims and assist our clients in seeking the benefits they need and compensation from loss. We may also pursue a personal injury claim against entities other than employers that engage in misconduct that plays a role in causing our clients' injuries.

Product Liability: Sometimes a product is defectively designed or manufactured, which can cause severe permanent injury. Companies are expected to provide products that are free of defects and safe for consumers who purchase them. When defective products injure consumers, any company that produced or distributed the product may be strictly liable for injuries to members of the public. At Montlick and Associates, our Palmetto product liability attorneys are committed to taking on companies that do not take adequate precautions to make their products safe.

If you or someone you love has suffered a serious personal injury or a loved one has died, our experienced Palmetto personal injury lawyers are committed to representing personal injury and wrongful death victims in obtaining compensation to rebuild their lives and support their families. Call now for your FREE CONSULTATION with Montlick and Associates' experienced Palmetto personal injury attorneys. 

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