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Tragic Motorcycle Crash Kills One on Blue Ridge Parkway in McDowell County, North Carolina (NC)

July 31, 2020

MCDOWELL COUNTY, NC- writes that a crash involving a motorcycle occurred this week on Blue Ridge Parkway in McDowell County. One person reportedly died in the wreck, and another suffered injuries.*

The injured individual is now recovering at the Mission Trauma Center in Ashville. 

Motorcycles present greater risks to drivers than do four-wheeled cars and SUVs. Of course, when riding a motorcycle, a person has less protective features like an external frame. As a result, these motorists face a much higher risk of death than do others on the road. According to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS), the risk is approximately 27 times as high. 

One of the biggest risks to motorcyclists is head injuries. Studies indicate that helmets are the best protection against head trauma. Motorcyclists who use a helmet are about 37 percent less likely to be killed in a crash than those who do not use such equipment. Helmets are also able to drastically reduce the risk of a person sustaining a traumatic brain injury. 

In 2018, motorcycle crashes led to 4,985 fatalities. The majority of these deaths occurred in the context of multiple vehicle collisions. The IIHS states that 63 percent took place in multiple-vehicle crashes. 

Because of the risk posed by other motorists on the road, one of the most important things for a motorcyclist to do is to wear bright colors and reflective gear to prevent being overlooked by other drivers. Motorcyclists should also ride defensively and understand the rules of the road. These riders must be on the outlook for drivers who fail to see them. 

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