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The Process of a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Georgia

February 11, 2018

The Georgia Workers’ Compensation Claim Process

Workers’ compensation programs provide support for individuals who suffer from injuries that occurred at work. Most employers will be required through state law to hold workers’ compensation insurance. These programs are meant to provide workers with some basic necessary help, such as the cost of medical bills related to the injury, and some of a person’s missed wages so that he or she is able to support him or herself in the time that it takes for him or her to recover from the injury.

If you suffer an injury at work though, how do you go about collecting the benefits of workers’ compensation? What are the steps that you must take in order to collect the support that you need in order to be able to pay for the medical related to your injury, and to cover your rent and grocery costs when you might be unable to work?

See a doctor

One of the first steps to take is to seek medical attention. In many serious injuries, this will not be something that even needs consideration, but oftentimes, the severity of an injury is not immediately apparent. It is often a good idea to get medical attention if you have any suspicion that you might have an injury that will require treatment and possibly missed work. In the case of injuries that were caused by accidents, such as a slip and fall, waiting to seek medical attention can undermine your claim. Insurers may wonder why you waited so long to seek treatment, and suggest that the reason might be that your injury was less severe than you claimed it was. In other instances, such as work related illnesses, it might make perfect sense that time passed before the injury or illness was addressed by a physician. However, in any situation, see a doctor as soon as possible.

Let Your Employer Know

Most states require that you notify your employer when you suffer a work related injury. To protect yourself, make sure you do this in writing or in some other traceable way that gives you proof that you took this step. It is important to do this promptly as strict time limits prevent employees from reporting their injuries after much time has passed. Moreover, the time limit for an injury such as a broken arm that occurred at work will be as short as a couple of weeks, and an injury that took time to develop, like carpal tunnel, will have to be reported within a certain amount of time from when you knew or should have known that the injury existed and was related to your work.

In some states, you might also have to file a claim with the state agency responsible for handling workers’ compensation claims, so be sure you know what is required where you live.

Do Not Give Up

If your claim is denied, and you think it was denied wrongfully, then you should consider appealing the claim. Most states have a process for appealing a claim in order to have it reviewed and reconsidered.

If you were injured in a work related accident and wish to pursue a claim for workers’ compensation, consider speaking with an attorney. The process can at times prove difficult to navigate, and you might find yourself up against insurance companies that are not eager to pay the compensation that they owe you. Having an advocate on your side who understands the process, and what you should be doing can be a powerful asset and can increase your chance of success.

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