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Teenager Workplace Safety and Georgia Workers' Compensation Law

November 25, 2017

Man Injured on the Job Reaches Out to Teenagers About Workplace Safety: Georgia Workers' Compensation Attorney Explains

Workplace training is essential to ensure all employees have a safe environment to perform their job duties.  When training is insufficient, employees are at risks for suffering severe and debilitating injuries that may have lifelong consequences.  Teenagers are especially at risk for suffering injuries given that many of them may not pay as close of attention to safety matters as adults might.  As such, workplace safety training is even more critical for teenagers than others.

Learning from a Past Workplace Accident

A Washington man is using prior workplace accident as an example to inform and educate teenagers about just how important workplace safety is.  This man believes that when he was injured on the  at a paper mill when he was 21, workplace safety training was insufficient.  This was the young man’s first job at a paper mill, and an accident resulted in the amputation of one of his arms.  One small safety mistake can result in a permanent injury in the blink of an eye.

Types of Workplace Injuries

In addition to the loss of limb, there are other severe injuries that many workers have suffered while on the job.  Such injuries include the following:

  • Concussions and other traumatic brain injuries (TBIs);
  • Broken, crushed or fractured bones;
  • Gashes and wounds
  • Internal bleeding;
  • Damage to internal organs;
  • Spinal cord damage;
  • Back injuries;
  • Other orthopedic injuries;
  • Partial or complete paralysis; and
  • Death.

In addition to physical injuries, injured workers often face emotional trauma associated with physical injuries and the stress of the situation.  Many of these individuals may also be out of work, and the ability to work in the future may be uncertain.

What About Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

In situations where an employee suffers an injury while on the job, that employee may be able to file a workers’ compensation claim.  However, it is important to understand that workers’ compensation benefits may not be available in every situation where there is a workplace accident.  As such, speaking with a workers’ compensation attorney at Montlick & Associates who also handles personal injury matters can be critical to having a better understanding of how workers’ compensation works, and whether an employee may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.  If a third party is responsible for a work-related injury, the victim may be able to pursue a personal injury claim against the person or company at fault, even while simultaneously pursuing a workers' compensation claim.  Contact our attorneys today for a free assessment of your legal rights as well as what steps can be taken to protect those rights. 

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Your Time to File a Claim is Limited By Georgia Law

There are time limitations for bringing a claim. Be sure to read our "Georgia Statute of Limitations" page for more information about important deadlines that effect your ability to file an injury claim. We also provide a "A Guide to Personal Injury Law in Georgia" that will help you better understand the laws the affect your case.

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