South Carolina Workplace Accident Leaves One Man Dead and Two Others Seriously Injured

February 13, 2017

Certain jobs by their very nature are more dangerous than others. Jobs that involve working at plants that utilize large and complex machinery can pose a greater risk of employees suffering injuries. Additionally, high temperatures are often used in the manufacturing process, and this can be an additional danger that employees are exposed to. A recent South Carolina workplace accident has left one 63-year-old man dead and two other workers injured, according to a local news report.

It is unclear exactly how the workplace accident occurred. Initial reports indicated that there was an explosion that may have caused the workplace incident. However, later reports indicated that there was not an explosion but simply a workplace accident. The three victims were working on a line that used hot wax material, such as the type used to manufacture water bottles. The facility primarily manufacturers fibers, plastics, and resins, which means high temperatures must be used on a regular basis. Beyond these few details, there is little if any information to go on to determine the cause of this incident.

Common Safety Hazards Associated with Manufacturing and Engineering Jobs

Any manufacturing job will involve safety hazards that employees can prepare and train for. However, there may be additional safety hazards that could pop up when an employee least expects it. Some of the more common safety hazards associated with manufacturing and engineering jobs include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Non-employees being in an employee-only zone;
• Risk of falls;
• Use of chemicals;
• Use of heavy machinery;
• Risk of fire; and
• Use of confined spaces where oxygen may be minimal.

Manufacturing jobs are necessary for the production of goods that we utilize every day. It takes bravery to work in conditions that pose these safety risks to employees. However, all employees should feel safe and protected in the event they suffer injuries while on the job.

Will the Injured Victims Be Eligible for Compensation?

A significant number of employers have workers' compensation insurance that allows injured employees to receive compensation that goes towards medical expenses, and a portion of lost wages. However, the workers' compensation process can be confusing as there are important Georgia laws and regulations that must be followed.

The man who tragically lost his life in this South Carolina workplace accident may have family members who are left without a necessary source of income. As such, this man's family may be eligible for benefits through the employer's workers' compensation policy. The two injured employees may also be eligible for benefits under this same policy. The amount of compensation an employee (or family member) is eligible for will depend upon the severity of the injuries and how long it will take for an injured employee to recover. 

Because there are so many important factors to consider following a workplace accident, and because the workers' compensation process can be confusing, anyone potentially eligible for benefits should seek guidance from a legal professional with the necessary knowledge and tools to help injured individuals overcome a difficult situation.

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