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Georgia Workers’ Compensation Attorney Discusses Coverage for Injured or Ill Workers

December 03, 2015

Workers drive the State of Georgia's economy on a daily basis. Without a healthy workforce, Georgia will not continue to operate as efficiently for the good of all of its residents. Whether someone has a desk job, is a miner, works as a store clerk, or is a delivery driver, among others, it is always possible that a workplace injury or illness could occur, and in some cases, such injuries and illnesses can be fatal. However, many injured and ill workers across the country have become aware that many states have narrowed the scope of benefits that injured or ill workers (and their loved ones) are entitled to under each states' workers' compensation laws.

For example, according to an online news report, a North Dakota man is still fighting to obtain a prosthesis for an arm he lost as a result of a workplace injury more than three years after the injury occurred. This sheds light on just how different each state's workers' compensation laws can be, and how every injured or ill worker's situation might be treated differently. As such, employees who have suffered a workplace injury or illness may not know for sure what benefits they are entitled to if they file a claim with their employer, creating a feeling of uncertainty as to whether or not they will ever be the same again, as some injuries and illnesses are permanent.

Why it is Crucial to Speak with a Georgia Workers' Compensation Attorney

While many American workers are not receiving the workers' compensation benefits they deserve, such as the North Dakota man discussed above, it is difficult to know for sure what benefits are available in any given situation. For example, a Georgia employee who injures his or her back while on the job might be entitled to more or less benefits than an employee from another state who experiences the exact same type of back injury. Because there is much confusion surrounding workers' compensation benefits, and because there may be alternatives available to those in need of benefits as a result of a workplace injury or illness, it is important that injured individuals consider discussing the matter with an attorney, who can examine the facts and circumstances of what happened as well as take the necessary steps to obtain compensation.

Oftentimes, injured or ill workers proceed with the workers' compensation process on their own and feel they have not received the necessary benefits they truly are entitled to. By speaking with an attorney before pursuing a workers' compensation matter on their own, injured and ill workers can know what to expect from the workers' compensation process, and whether or not there are other options available for recovering from the injury or illness.

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