Injured Worker Denied Lifetime Workers’ Compensation Benefits – What You Should Know as a Georgia Employee

October 14, 2015

Many workers believe that if they become injured or ill while on the job, then they are automatically entitled to certain benefits under Georgia's workers' compensation laws. However, there are certain eligibility requirements that must be met, and no two situations are ever exactly alike, making it difficult to predict what the outcome will be in any given case. There are certainly situations where truly injured or ill workers have been denied necessary benefits in the form of compensation for lost wages, medical treatment and coverage of other out-of-pocket costs associated with workplace injuries or illnesses.

For example, according to an online news report, a Texas woman recently found out that she will not be entitled to lifetime workers' compensation benefits resulting from a back and knee injury she sustained while on the job more than ten years ago, despite the fact that she has continued to suffer from these injuries for so long. Even after undergoing medically necessary procedures, this woman is still in pain, and has been denied benefits that she might very well be entitled to. Whether or not the result of this woman's case is unfair or not, it demonstrates just how stringent the workers' compensation process can be, and how many injured and ill workers are forced to live without the benefits they need.

Time is of the Essence – Why You Should Speak with a Georgia Workers' Compensation Attorney

After experiencing a work-related injury or illness, it is important to act quickly to ensure there is an accurate account of what actually happened as a result of the workplace incident. All too often, injured and ill workers wait to file a workers' compensation claim or delay in speaking with an attorney about the workers' compensation process. While some employees are able to successfully obtain workers' compensation benefits on their own, other employees have not been so lucky for any one of a number of reasons, and have been denied benefits.

Whatever the reason may be for a denial of benefits, a workers' compensation attorney can help employees investigate the matter to determine whether or not they truly are entitled to workers' compensation benefits. Further, the sooner an injured or ill employee acts to speak with an attorney, the easier it is for both the injured or ill employee and the attorney to address the matter as comprehensively as possible.

By working alongside a legal professional from the beginning to end, employees are helping themselves by allowing an advocate to represent their rights and interests. While there is never a guarantee that an employee will receive workers' compensation benefits, having an attorney handle the matter can help to eliminate a great deal of unnecessary stress that many face when pursing the matter alone.

Why You Need an Experienced Attorney to Review Your Workers' Compensation Claim

Workers' compensation claims are frequently disputed throughout Georgia as well as the entire United States. It can seem clear to the injured or ill worker that his or her current condition is a direct result of a workplace incident. However, employers may not see the story the same way, and then take the position that an employee's injury or illness was not work-related. When this occurs, many individuals are left without the ability to work, without proper medical care and with an uncertain future, all of which can make one's life very difficult. It is never a guarantee that an injured or ill employee will receive workers' compensation benefits. However, to truly know whether or not you or a loved one qualifies, it is essential to act quickly by speaking with a skilled Georgia workers' compensation attorney

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