Georgia Workers’ Compensation Attorney Discusses the Medical Concerns 9/11 First Responders Face

October 14, 2015

It has been nearly a decade and a half since the 9/11 attacks left Americans with holes in their hearts and many unanswered questions. The first responders to this horrific incident risked their lives to save innocent citizens who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. As part of their efforts, 9/11 first responders exposed themselves to numerous toxic chemicals that left them with numerous illnesses as well as injuries sustained in their rescue attempts.

According to an online news report, while 9/11 first responders have been able to receive benefits since the time the incident occurred, there is an expiration date for such benefits.  In fact, many 9/11 first responders fear the expiration will result in the complete loss of necessary benefits in the form of compensation and medical treatment, among others. Many injuries and illnesses sustained by surviving 9/11 first responders are lifelong, with no chance of improvement. Such medical conditions require constant treatment, and without necessary support, the affected American heroes could be held responsible for the bills, a situation that is perceived as unfair by the vast majority of Americans.

How Does this Relate to My Workplace Injury or Illness?

The story discussed above is one that many people can relate to, as we all know what happened on 9/11 fourteen years ago. Even though many of us did not experience the injuries and illnesses sustained by these brave workers, many people have still experienced work-related medical conditions that are similarly lifelong, and require just as much medical care and treatment. For example, if you were exposed to asbestos while on the job, and later developed mesothelioma, you may require lifelong treatment and compensation to treat such a horrible disease.

When a workplace injury or illness has the potential to be long-lasting, it is crucial that you have the best chance possible of receiving the benefits you deserve. However, the process for obtaining necessary benefits can be quite difficult if an injured or ill worker decides to pursue the matter alone. As such, no matter what type of workplace injury or illness you are facing, it is a good idea to consult with a skilled legal professional who handles workers' compensation matters on a regular basis. An attorney can reduce at least some of the stress you are dealing with as a result of a debilitating and long-lasting workplace injury or illness.

Most of us remember where we were when 9/11 took place fourteen years ago. We also realize just how catastrophic the aftermath was for those who lost loved ones, as well as first responders who are paying the price now for their selfless duties to protect the rest of us. It is unfortunate that victims can be at risk for losing much-needed benefits. However, there is always hope that they will receive the treatment and compensation they need. Workplace injuries and illnesses occur daily all across Georgia and many employees are left with questions as to whether or not they will ever be able to work again, what type of medical care they will receive and how they will be able to support their families. Workers' compensation matters can also be very confusing. As such, it is important that you consult with a workers' compensation attorney who can advise you of your rights as well as take the necessary steps to obtaining compensation.

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