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New Innovations in Tractor-Trailer Safety on the Horizon

January 05, 2012

The unique danger posed by tractor-trailers in Georgia makes it essential to continue to develop new safety technology so that these massive vehicles can safely share Atlanta roadways with other motor vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians.

Because we routinely represent Georgia auto accident victims who suffer life-changing injuries and wrongful death, the Atlanta auto accident attorneys of Montlick and Associates are staunch advocates of innovation in vehicle and roadway safety.

Some rather innovative vehicle safety ideas for tractor-trailer safety are being explored by the Transportation Research Board of the National Academies in a 2011 report entitled New Ideas for Safety. We welcome this type of consumer safety innovation and have provided some of the more interesting ideas below:

  • Auto Radio Override Alert System for Railroad Crossing: This technology would transmit an emergency warning that would override a tractor-trailer radio system to warn motorists of an approaching train at a railroad crossing. The system would be similar to the warning systems providing as part of the emergency broadcast system or national weather advisory that override television or radio programming. This technology is designed to prevent tractor-trailer collisions at railroad crossings.
  • Driver Alertness Indication System (Daisy): This innovative system is designed to gauge driver alertness by way of steering system dynamics. This approach uses algorithms to evaluate the relationship between driver reactions and external influences that impact the vehicle’s lateral motion. Based on the reaction of the driver to the external stimuli the system evaluates the driver’s alertness. Driver alertness is measured based on reaction to dips in the road, road imperfections, gusting winds and similar external influences on the tractor-trailer. The system provides a warning to avoid distracted driving tractor-trailer collisions.
  • Automatic Diagnostic System for Air Brakes in Tractor-Trailers: This safety project is intended to create a system to automatically detect leaks in tractor-trailer air brakes. The idea is that this technology would permit for fast reliable maintenance inspections including at roadside stops. Because brake failure is a serious issue with a tractor-trailer that can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, it can contribute to catastrophic tractor-trailer crashes.
  • Sensor Integration for Crash Avoidance for Tractor-Trailers: The technology is designed to detect objects around a tractor-trailer to warn the driver of potential commercial trucking accidents or prevent the driver from engaging in unsafe maneuvers. The system is designed to improve the tractor-trailer driver’s awareness of potential hazards and improve the truck driver’s ability to respond effectively to avoid tractor-trailer accidents.
  • Drive Smart Driver Monitoring and Crash Risk Mitigation System: This innovation would utilize onboard sensors, cameras, machine vision technology and data from the tractor-trailer onboard data recorder to monitor the leading tractor-trailer accident risks including driver distraction, drowsiness, lack of seat belts, alcohol impairment, excessive speed and aggressive driving. The system would provide notification to supervisory authorities based on indicators of any of these potential tractor-trailer accident risk factors. This would permit supervisors to intervene and determine if there is a serious problem before a tractor-trailer collision occurs.

If you or a loved one is injured in a Georgia truck or tractor-trailer accident or you lose a loved one to wrongful death, the experienced Georgia tractor-trailer accident attorneys at Montlick and Associates have been representing accident victims in Atlanta and throughout Georgia for over 39 years. We share a firm commitment to our goal of being the best Georgia tractor-trailer accident law firm.

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