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Georgia Trucking Accidents and Electronic Stability Control Devices in 18-Wheelers

January 18, 2018

Georgia 18 Wheeler Truck Accident Lawyer

Discuss the Need for Stability Control in 18-Wheelers 

In 2017, there were 1,533 fatalities due to truck accidents in the state of Georgia. Many of these accidents involved a truck overturning, sometimes on a busy roadway. When a truck overturns in traffic, many more innocent victims can become part of the accident. Physics play a large roll in rollover accidents. When a large commercial truck comes upon a curve, centrifugal force results in the truck leaning away from the direction of the curve and a truck rollover results. When a rollover occurs, millions of dollars in productivity are lost and serious traffic tie-ups are likely. Even worse, nearly two-thirds of all truck accident fatalities involve a rollover.

Electronic Stability Control Required on Passenger Vehicles, Not Trucks

Electronic stability control technology continuously monitors the vehicle’s speed, driver steering, braking and lateral acceleration. Once a potentially hazardous condition is detected, the ESC activates, assisting the driver in regaining control of the vehicle. This control can be regained through applying the brakes, activating an engine retarder or cutting the power to the engine. The government currently requires the technology which enhances stability control on passenger vehicles on all passenger vehicles as of 2012. Newly manufactured buses and large commercial trucks were later mandated to include Electronic Stability Control (ESC). 

Saving Lives with Stability Control

The NHTSA estimates that the implementation of Electronic Stability Control system mandates has reduced rollovers and LOC crashes by 28 to 36 percent. The laws are credited for saving (at minimum) 65 lives and approximately 1,000 injuries each year since Electronic Stability Controlwas required on newly manufactured buses and large commercial trucks. The costs for implementing Electronic Stability Control systems was estimated at approximately $107 million dollars in annual upfront costs for the industry as a whole. However, it is believed the Electronic Stability Control systems will save trucking companies as much as $372 million per year by preventing accidents.

Causes of Rollover Accidents

Speed is the biggest contributor to rollover crashes, with excess speed accounting for approximately 45% of all rollover truck accidents.  In some cases the speed at which the curve should be taken is misjudged by the driver or there is no adjustment in speed made for the stability, height and weight of the truck when taking the curve. A significant number of truck rollovers occur at on and off ramps on the freeway, and the majority of those are due to excess speed.

Second to speed as a contributor to rollovers is inattention on the part of the truck driver.

The primary attention problem resulting in rollovers occurs when the driver is not observant about what is happening ahead, necessitating a sudden change in direction. Driver distraction and being sleep-deprived are also forms of inattention leading to a rollover accident. Other causes of rollover accidents include under or over-steering, overcorrection, following too closely, failure to downshift when starting down a long grade, failure to assure the security of the cargo, tire blowouts, brake failure and not looking sideways during lane changes or at intersections. Many trucking companies have already voluntarily outfitted their fleets with electronic stability control systems, particularly the especially unwieldy tanker trucks. Even so, electronic stability control comes standard on only 25% of all new 18-wheeler trucks.

When Financial Greed Leads to Trucking Accidents

Most trucking companies are looking out for their own financial bottom line. This interest in year-end profits may mean that drivers who are not sufficiently experienced or those who are exhausted from driving too many hours are often out on the road. With a goal of getting loads delivered quickly, trucking companies may look the other way even when they are well aware their drivers are keeping two sets of logbooks in order to drive more hours than allowed. The drivers themselves may feel pressure to keep driving simply because when a driver is not behind the wheel, he or she is not making money.

If you have been a victim of a trucking rollover accident—or any other type of trucking accident—you likely are facing a very uncertain future. You may have huge medical expenses and lost wages due to your inability to return to work. Injured victims can normal make claims against those at fault for their injuries in order to recover badly needed compensation, including compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, Pain and Suffering and others.

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