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Companies Pursue New Ways to Make Long-Haul Trucking Safer From Accidents

August 19, 2017

Multiple Companies Pursue New Ways to Make Long-Haul Trucking Safer – Georgia Attorney Explains

From Google to Tesla to Uber, a significant number of well-known and lesser-known start-up companies are researching ways to implement self-driving long-haul trucks on our highways.  Additionally, companies are finding ways to make long-haul trucks more environmentally-friendly and fuel efficient.  We have already seen common car makers unveil self-driving cars, and our Truck Accident Lawyers in Georgia believe there is still room for improvement before self-driving cars can become a reality for many drivers.

Will Self-Driving Long-Haul Trucks Reduce the Number of Trucking Accidents?

The purpose of self-driving long-haul trucks is to take away some of the human error that often contributes to catastrophic and fatal trucking accidents in Georgia and throughout the United States.  As such, companies are using new innovative technology to find ways to both help the environment, and promote highway safety.  

However, it may be impossible to completely remove the human element from the operation of long-haul trucks.  Some self-driving vehicles have the goal of mixing the necessary human element associated with transporting goods as well as the safety features and innovations associated with self-driving technology.  Human-assisted self-driving long-haul trucks may be a more realistic goal for the immediate future.  While trucking accidents will continue to happen, incorporating self-driving trucks can certainly eliminate the most common of errors, such as falling asleep at the wheel or being distracted by a text message.

It will take testing, practice, and experience to determine if self-driving long-haul trucks will be a thing of the future that will make everyone on our roadways safer.  In addition to developing self-driving and driver-assisted long-haul trucks, many companies are looking to hydrogen fuel to both help trucks travel further distances, along with reducing the number of carbon emissions.

The Overall Goals of Changing Trucks for the Future

There are more than a million truck drivers across the country who make sure consumer goods get to their final destination.  However, truck driving is a dangerous job that can place the truck driver at risk for being involved in a very serious accident.  While self-driving long-haul trucks and more environmentally friendly long-haul trucks may have a significant and positive impact on the trucking industry, there is a fear that these innovative trucks will reduce the number of truck driving jobs in this country.  As such, the goal that many companies have right now is to reduce the environmental impact that long-haul trucks have, as well as increase the safety of both truck drivers and others sharing the road.  If new technology and humans can work together, the truck driving industry can become safer for everyone.  

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