Gilmer County Tour Bus and Tractor-Trailer Accident

October 31, 2016

Gilmer County Tour Bus and Tractor-Trailer Accident Leaves One Man Dead and Others Injured

It is not every day that you see a trucking accident that involves both a tractor-trailer and a tour bus. A recent Gilmer County accident demonstrated that two extremely large vehicles have the potential to do a lot of damage and cause severe and sometimes fatal injuries. As a tour bus was traveling northbound on Whitestone Road in the northern Georgia county of Gilmer, a tractor trailer attempted to make a left-hand turn onto Georgia state road 515. As the truck driver attempted to turn left, he had to stop to allow oncoming traffic to pass before completing his turn. The truck was stationary in the northbound lane of Whitestone Road while it waited for traffic to pass, and was directly in the path of the northbound tour bus.

The tour bus, carrying 48 passengers total, could not avoid smashing into the left rear tandem area of the tractor trailer. The driver of the tour bus tragically died as a result of the collision, and dozens of others were injured. A total of 43 people were transported to local hospitals for treatment. This devastating accident proves just how powerful a collision can be between two large vehicles. The tour bus was just as large, if not larger, than the tractor trailer it collided with. 

Unanswered Questions

Witness statements will be extremely important for investigators to determine a cause of this tour bus and tractor-trailer accident. Many of us have the following questions that we hope will get answered as the investigation unfolds:

• Was the driver of the tour bus speeding before it struck the rear of the tractor trailer?
• Should the tractor trailer have pulled out and stopped, blocking the path of the tour bus in the northbound lane?
• Was the tour bus driver paying attention shortly before the collision occurred?
• Was the tractor trailer driver paying attention shortly before the collision occurred?
• How much time did the tour bus driver have to slow down or stop before striking the tractor-trailer?
• Did any of the tour bus passengers have an opportunity to witness the accident?
• Could this accident have been avoided?

These are only a few questions that may come to mind after reading about this terrible accident. Hopefully, there are enough witnesses, and especially tour bus passengers, to answer the questions listed above as well as others that investigators and loved ones may have. No matter how or why this accident occurred, the fact remains that a tour bus driver has sadly lost his life and dozens of others have suffered serious injuries due to this incident.

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