New Proposed Georgia Trucking Law Could Mean Tougher Penalties for Speeding

March 12, 2016

Most Georgia motorists will agree that safer roads will help to reduce the risk that catastrophic Georgia trucking accidents will occur. However, many Georgia truckers are at odds with lawmakers who aim to enhance penalties truck drivers face for speeding. It comes as no surprise that trucking accidents have the potential to result in severe injuries that could result in death. The way in which we can make our highways safer is not always agreed upon.

A recent proposed Georgia law would impose tough penalties on truck drivers who speed in Georgia. This law would impose a $200 "Super Speeder" fine for commercial trucks travelling at 10mph or more over the speed limit. This fine would be in addition to the already imposed standard fine. Currently, the trigger for this "Super Speeder" fine is 20mph or more. 

Regardless of why some people might agree or disagree with the proposed law, it is clear that Georgia lawmakers feel Georgia Trucking Accidents are occurring all too often, and the aftermath leaves many innocent victims injured and loved ones scarred for life. Given that this proposed law is simply just that – a proposal – there is still time for lawmakers to address the issues that truck drivers have with the law, and perhaps come up with a compromise that will help to make Georgia highways safer from catastrophic trucking accidents.

Will a New Law Imposing Stricter Penalties for Speeding Help to Prevent Georgia Trucking Accidents?

Only time will tell us whether or not stricter penalties on truck drivers will help to limit the severity and occurrence of Georgia Trucking Accidents. Having to pay such hefty fines for speeding 10mph or more over the speed limit can certainly cause truck drivers to slow down, as such fines can rack up quickly. However, a new speeding law might not help to prevent a trucking accident that is caused by some factor other than speeding. As such, while this new proposed law, if implemented, could help to prevent certain trucking accidents, other trucking accidents are still bound to happen for reasons that no law will be able to prevent.  If you have suffered injuries because of a truck driver, contact our attorneys now to learn about your rights as well as take the necessary steps to protect them.

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