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Truck Driver Fatigue is a National Problem

January 20, 2016

Most truckers are law-abiding, safe drivers, but truck driver fatigue presents a tremendous danger to all road users. The truck accident that injured actor and comedian Tracy Morgan called this issue to the nation's attention, but the problem still remains. Shortly after the Tracy Morgan crash, it was revealed that the driver of the tractor trailer that slammed into Morgan had not slept in 28 hours. Sadly, this was legal, even though the National Transportation Safety Board blamed the crash on truck driver fatigue. In the aftermath of this headline grabbing accident, steps have been taken to prevent tired driving, but more must be done.

The truck accident attorneys at Montlick and Associates, Attorneys at Law, we understand that truck accidents can have some of the most devastating effects of all traffic accidents. Massive commercial trucks can severely injure the occupants of commercial motor vehicles. We provide assist injured truck accident victims in seeking justice for their damages stemming from the accident. We take pride in representing our clients with skill and zeal.

Safety Recommendations in Light of the Tracy Morgan Crash

The Tracy Morgan accident shone national attention on truck driver fatigue. Recently, the safety board included requiring drivers get adequate rest as one of its most needed safety improvements for the year 2016. The fact that the truck driver was in compliance with federal regulations after being awake for 28 straight hours is a tremendous issue.

Several additional studies are in the works for assessing long commutes by truckers, specifically looking to uncover how much rest truckers realistically need in order to stay safe behind the wheel. Thus far, new hours of service rules are suspended pending completion of a massive study by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Truck drivers, like any other driver, are deeply affected by a lack of sleep. Drowsiness behind the wheel is linked to decreased perception, speeding, failure to react in time, and much more. The driver who hit Morgan failed to recognize a change in speed, plowing into the limousine bus as a result. Truck drivers are especially at risk for tired driving due to their long, often odd, hours on the road as well as intense work schedule.

Justice for the Victims of Drowsy Driving Accidents

Tracy Morgan also demonstrated that the victims of tired trucking accidents should successfully seek compensation for their losses. Morgan sued Wal-Mart and settled for an undisclosed sum. Like Morgan, anyone who has been injured in a truck accident that could have been due to tired driving is encouraged to retain the assistance of a lawyer as soon as possible. Vital evidence must be gathered following the truck accident in order to protect your important legal rights.

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