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Tractor Trailer Drivers Often Travel at Speeds their Tires Cannot Handle

October 16, 2015

Speeding is a major contributing factor in both truck and automobile crashes across the country. In fact, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration found that speed played a role in approximately 23 percent of truck accidents occurring annually. Some studies estimate this figure to be even higher. 

While speeding is not limited to trucks, the consequences of truck drivers speeding can often be catastrophic. The size and added weight of these vehicles create a dire problem when excessive speeds are reached. Research now suggests that many tractor trailer drivers are in fact driving too fast for their tires. According to an article by the Associated Press*, most truck tires are built to sustain a maximum of 75 miles per hour. These standard tires were created at a time when maximum speeds across the majority of America reached between 65 and 70 miles per hour.

Today, many states, especially those west of the Mississippi, have speed limits as high as 80 miles per hour.  However, at least one part of Texas has a speed limit of 85 miles per hour. Safety experts and tire creators say that continually driving at speeds faster than the tire's rated speed can generate excessive heat and also damage the rubber, with potentially devastating results.

Tire Blow Outs Can Create Massive Accidents

Blow outs are caused by the rapid deflation of the tire. Trucks come equipped with as many as 18 or even more tires, creating the increased potential for blow outs. Blow outs can be caused by a number of factors. The number one way to reduce the chance of a blow out is proper maintenance, inflation and routine inspection of tires. This is especially important for truck drivers who are on the road often and carry heavy cargo. It is critical that truck drivers additionally know what speed their tires were safety rated for so that they can prevent speed related blow outs.

Blow outs can cause a truck to rapidly lose control. Trucks will pull to the side of the blown out tire and drivers often react by jerking the steering wheel or pumping the brakes to compensate. Both of these actions can be deadly as they can cause the driver to further lose control, creating the potential of vehicle accidents, rollovers and more. All drivers should maintain a safe following distance when traveling behind trucks so that they will have time to swerve to avoid an accident in the event a truck tire blows out.

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