Two Children Killed in Clayton County Accident

October 12, 2015

A tragic truck accident unfolded recently in Clayton County, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Police report that a woman driving a Honda Accord on to Ga. 138 was struck by a semi-truck. Initial reports have yet to determine fault, but it does appear that the driver of the Honda had entered the intersection and was T-boned. A five year old boy and a six year old girl inside the vehicle were tragically killed as a result. Investigators report that traffic was busy in the area at the time of the accident and officials are attempting to determine whether speed was a factor.

It appears the truck driver may have had the right of way at the time of the accident. A surveillance video captured the accident on camera, which will hopefully help to shed further light on its cause. The driver and believed mother of the children survived the crash with minor injuries. The truck driver was not pulling a trailer at the time of the accident, which likely contributed to her survival.

Right of Way Accidents in Georgia

For experienced drivers, many traffic laws become innate. You know to stop at the right spot when there is a crosswalk and you wait until oncoming traffic has cleared before making a left hand turn. On the other hand, some drivers become or perhaps even start out as too comfortable with the rules of the road. These drivers can cut off others making turns, roll through stop signs or otherwise fail to follow traffic laws. This behavior, whether it stems from disregard for the rules or overconfidence, can lead to fatal accidents. One of the most dangerous and negligent behaviors is violating right of way laws.

Traffic laws have been put in place to allow for the safe flow of motor vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists. Any driver who does not follow these basic laws puts others in danger. To ensure you do not cause a right of way accident, observe the following rules, among others:

  • Oncoming traffic will always have the right of way. Accordingly, do not make a left hand turn unless there is a large break in traffic.
  • Traffic signals will indicate your right of way but also always pay attention to your surroundings. If the light is green, for instance, you have the right of way, but you must still yield to pedestrians if turning right.
  • Always slow down or stop when you approach a yield sign.
  • All vehicles must stop and not enter the intersection if traffic is obstructed, regardless of what the signal indicates.
  • When you come to an intersection, the vehicle entering first has the right of way. If you entered at the same time, the vehicle on the left must yield the right of way to the vehicle on the right.

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