Brake Failure May Have Been the Cause of Crane Truck Accident on I-75 in Georgia

October 04, 2015

Brake failure is a common cause of many trucking accidents that occur throughout the state of Georgia as well as across the United States. While many accidents involve driver conduct, there are accidents where a vehicle's faulty equipment could have played a role in causing an accident. Brake failure is something that occurs with both passenger vehicles and semi-trucks or tractor trailers, but such a vehicle failure can be much worse when a heavy duty truck is barreling down the highway as opposed to a small passenger vehicle. Given the large size and weight of semi-trucks, any collision that results from faulty brakes has the potential to cause significant injuries or death.

Drivers on I-75 recently experienced a serious trucking accident where a crane truck lost control and slammed into another semi-truck along with six passenger vehicles. While three individuals did suffer injuries, everyone involved fortunately survived the accident. The driver of the crane truck has indicated to investigators that the brakes on the truck failed, preventing him from stopping in time to avoid the collision. If the crane truck driver did in fact experience brake failure, this accident is just one more example of how trucks can prove to be unsafe for both truck drivers and others on the roadway.

The Consequences of Brake Failure and Trucking Accidents

It is no surprise that brake failure can spell disaster for the truck driver as well as any other drivers and passengers who happen to be near the truck at the time brake failure occurs. While there can be ways to prevent brake failure, all situations are different, and the cause of brake failure in one trucking accident might not be the same cause as brake failure in another.

No matter what the reason might be for why a truck's brakes have failed, such brake failure can lead to permanent and debilitating injuries that could change one's life forever. In addition to suffering injuries, truck accident victims might never be able to work, and may have trouble keeping up with costly medical expenses. While the individuals involved in the I-75 accident did thankfully survive, many victims are not so lucky, and suffer the consequences of an accident that occurred through no fault of their own.

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