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Georgia Truck Accident Attorneys Discuss Semi-Truck Fires

September 24, 2015

Semi-truck or tractor trailer fires can erupt following nearly any truck accident. Recently, in Coweta County, an accident between two tractor trailers led to a serious fire when one truck overturned, according to WSB TV. The highway was shut down for some time while fire fighters battled the blaze and cleaned up debris.

What Causes a Tractor Trailer Fire?

A number of circumstances can lead to tractor trailer fires. When a semi-truck fire does occur, it is often serious and results in injuries to the truck driver, passengers of the other vehicle involved, and anyone else in the vicinity. Each year, thousands of lives are claimed due to tractor trailer accidents, many of which involve serious fires.

One of the greatest risks for tractor trailer fires includes flammable products. In fact, tractor trailers are one of the main modes of transportation for flammable materials. When a truck is carrying flammable materials, the risk of fire is far greater in the event of a crash. Flammable products will rapidly catch fire if the battery box within the truck ignites or the fuel tank ruptures. These hazardous materials will then burn fast and ignite quickly, creating a potentially deadly situation for anyone nearby.

Trucks can catch fire when the fuel tank ruptures, just like cars can. Such vehicles generally operate using diesel fuel, which is more flame resistant than regular gasoline. However, when the fuel within a truck does catch fire, it can create a massive blaze due to the hundreds of gallons of gasoline stored within the truck.

The battery box is another main source of ignition for truck accidents, and will most often catch fire after a rollover accident or strong collision. Battery boxes can be found in a variety of locations on the truck, depending upon the manufacturer's preference. In cases in which they are located within the frame rails or by the fifth wheel, the truck is prone to fire in the event of a rollover. To prevent battery box fires, all truck batteries should be stored within steel boxes and kept in a safe location.

Liability for a Fiery Truck Accident

If you have been injured in a truck accident that involved a fire, consult with a licensed truck accident attorney as soon as possible, who can evaluate the facts and circumstances of your case as well as take the necessary steps to protect your rights. The truck driver, trucking company or a parts manufacturer could be held accountable for your injuries stemming from the accident. Your attorney will evaluate your potential claim and assess which parties are at fault for your injuries.

Montlick and Associates, Attorneys at Law: Justice for Truck Accident Victims and Their Families

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