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Driver Fails to Adhere to Stop Sign, Resulting in Fatal Trucking Accident

August 24, 2015

Stop signs continue to play a vital role in traffic safety, even if they seem unnecessary at times, especially in rural areas where there is not much traffic. Many drivers are able to ignore stop signs or run red lights without any consequences, and are lucky to avoid what could be a deadly accident. However, stop signs exist for a reason, and are placed at particular locations with specific purposes in mind.  A recent South Carolina accident tragically left two young adults dead after they were struck by a passing tractor trailer, according to a local news report. Apparently, authorities believe that the vehicle failed to adhere to a stop sign rather than allowing the tractor trailer to pass.

If the driver of the vehicle did indeed fail to stop at a stop sign, and this was the reason why the accident occurred, it is possible that both the driver and the passenger would be alive today. It is sad that two young lives have been lost due to something that might have been prevented. It is also just as tragic that the vehicle that happened to be passing at the time the driver was turning was a tractor trailer.  The commercial vehicle's size was probably a factor in the severity of the accident.

The True Consequences Associated with Stop Sign and Red Light Accidents

Regardless of whether fault can be squarely placed on the deceased driver in the South Carolina accident discussed above, the fact remains that injuries associated stop signs and red lights can be disastrous. Such consequences, include, but are certainly not limited to, the following:

• Life-changing injuries that require indefinite treatment;
• Staggering medical expenses that grow at an exponential rate;
• Inability to return to the same job, or to even work in general;
• Emotional harm that can last a lifetime, both for the injured and loved ones; and
• Fear that could prevent an injured victim from driving or even riding in a car in the future.

Given that it is not always easy to determine who is at fault for causing a stop sign or red light accident, it is helpful to discuss injuries resulting from automobile accidents with a qualified attorney. While it may seem cut and dry that the driver who failed to adhere to the stop sign in the South Carolina accident was at fault, it still takes extensive analysis and investigation to discover what really happened.

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