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Driver Struck by Tanker Truck After Failing to Yield – Critically Injured

June 19, 2015

Even the most careful of drivers make mistakes from time to time, whether it is failing to come to a complete stop at a stop sign or red light, failing to put your turn signal on when turning, or otherwise. Driving mistakes are bound to happen, and while many of these mistakes may not result in an accident, some will. When accidents occur due to minor traffic violations, the consequences could be catastrophic, as evidenced by an accident that took place in Brooklet just last week.

Recently, a tanker truck and passenger vehicle collided when the vehicle allegedly failed to yield to the tanker truck, according to WTOC. The force of the impact threw the truck and vehicle off the roadway, and pinned the vehicle against the wall of a nearby building. The truck driver was not hurt, but the driver of the car suffered serious injuries and was taken to a nearby hospital and placed in the intensive care unit. It is much too early to understand what went wrong, and why the driver of the car allegedly failed to yield to the tanker truck.

The Extreme Dangers Associated with Tanker Truck Accidents

Semi-trucks, given the enormous size of the vehicles, can be dangerous if they are involved in an accident. However, tanker trucks can be much more dangerous than any other type of semi-truck simply because the cargo is likely to be gasoline, or some other flammable substance. When you have a flammable substance, any ordinary accident could turn deadly very quickly. In addition to suffering physical injuries such as broken bones, cuts and/or bruises, accident victims may sustain significant burns that leave them emotionally and physically scarred.

How One Small Traffic Mistake Could Cost You Your Livelihood, or Your Life

The individual involved in the accident discussed above suffered critical injuries, and the outcome of this person's prognosis is not currently known. Hopefully, he is able to recover without sustaining permanent injuries. While this person fortunately survived the accident, many other people lose their lives after being involved in an accident that is linked to some type of minor traffic violation.

Failing to yield certainly is not a minor issue when peoples' lives are at stake, but in situations where failing to yield does not result in an accident, it may be seen as a minor infraction that only results in a small fine. This recent tanker truck accident is just one example of how minor traffic violations could result in life-altering, preventable accidents, and how such accidents can be prevented with more attentive driving. Anyone injured in this type of accident should speak with a legal professional who can provide an overview of what options there are for moving forward as well as what steps should be taken to protect the injured person's rights.

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