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Car Accident Amputation Injury Lawsuit Lawyers in Georgia

May 23, 2021

Those of us who were blessed to be born with all of our limbs and appendages intact and functional tend to take them for granted. It is nearly impossible to fathom what life would be like without an arm or leg. Suffering an amputation after a Georgia car accident is unfathomable to almost everybody until it happens to them, especially when another person's carelessness caused their life-altering injury. 

If you or a family member have suffered a catastrophic injury such as amputation in Georgia because of someone else’s negligence, you should contact our attorneys at Montlick & Associates to learn about what types of legal rights you have as well as what can be done to hold the at-fault parties responsible for bearing the cost of your damages. 

Most amputations caused by an auto wreck are the result of catastrophic damage to a limb. A trucking accident, high-speed crash, or roll-over accident can tear, rip, or sever the armor leg from the body. The scenarios in which a person might lose an arm or leg in a car accident are severe, and could look like any of the following: 

  • An auto accident victim might have his or her arm cast out of a window in a roll-over collision. The arm could get pinned under the rolling car and viciously remove the person's appendages that become trapped under the cold shattered glass, and the sharp edge of the two-ton  vehicle as it mercilessly rolls on the arm. The trauma of the rolling car could easily pinch the victim's arm off or crush the bones in the arm to the extent that orthopedic surgeons are unable to repair the damage, rendering amputation the only means of treatment.
  • A "T-bone" crash could result in amputation of a leg.  The force of the opposing car or truck slamming the door of the victim's vehiclecan be high enough to sever a limb, especially if the metal from the other vehicle punctures the victim's door. Similar to a rolling accident, the power generated in a collision with another car or truck can pulverize the victim's foot, ankle, and legs bones.
  • Seat belts are frequent culprits in auto accidents resulting in the loss of victims' arms. The seatbelt locks tightly around the shoulder at the first instance the vehicle senses deceleration. The collision can violently toss the body forward or sideways. However, with the shoulder pinned in place, the joint yields to forces it cannot withstand and tears away from the torso.

Medical Damages Associated in Amputation Cases

Amputation surgery is a complicated medical procedure and is often the last resort. Surgeons will utilize all of their skill and resources to re-attach the limb, if possible. However, they may be left without a medically viable option except for amputation if re-attachment is not an option.

Surgeons must do more than crudely cut off a limb. Rather, they must carefully remove the limb after determining the safest location to do so if the surgeon has an option. The physicians must repair damaged nerves and blood vessels in addition to reshaping the healthy tissue and bone at the amputation site with the hope of eventually attaching a prosthetic limb.

Prosthetic limbs are expensive medical devices that have a shelf-life. A new arm or leg can cost anywhere between $5,000.00 and $15,000.00. They might last as long as 20 years. However, most prosthetic limbs require replacement every three-to-five years. 

Recovery from an amputation is long and painful. The physical pain, including a phenomenon called “phantom pain” can be excruciating, not only in the immediate aftermath of the injury but recovery as well. Learning adaptive skills takes time and is exhausting.  Additionally, the psychological trauma from the loss of a limb takes its toll on the victim, due to the victim’s physical disability.

Personal injury victims in Georgia are entitled to multiple types damages, including the costs of medical care, lost income, Pain and Suffering, and more.  Amputation victims’ lives are permanently altered in profound ways, many of which are unique to the actual victim.  For example, the victim might require job-training, and have his or her home renovated or move to a different house to accommodate the requirements of living with an amputated limb.

However, in addition to explaining the way our clients’ lives changed in such cases, our attorneys also seek to quantify the percentage of permanent impairment, either through the use of an expert or the treating physicians’ testimony.  This portion of the claim can be essential to maximizing the value of an amputation victim’s case.

At Montlick and Associates, our attorneys understand the suffering caused by the loss of a limb in a motor vehicle accident, and we have devoted decades representing injured victims in Georgia. We offer high quality representation to our clients, and look to uncover all avenues of recovery in order to maximize the amount of monetary compensation our clients can receive under the law.

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