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Manufacturing Defects Cause Numerous Trucking Accidents in Georgia

November 02, 2013

While the majority of truck related accidents are caused by driver negligence (whether the driver of the truck or another vehicle), they can also be caused by a truck's manufacturing defects. Truck drivers, especially those that haul goods in large 18-wheelers, rely heavily on the safety of their vehicles. When their truck fails, it can create a serious safety hazard for others on the road, leaving the truck driver, and quite possibly his employer, with huge potential liability exposure. Moreover, the truck manufacturer can also be held financially responsible if the cause of the accident, in whole or in part, can be traced to the specific manufacturing defect.

When a truck accident is due to a manufacturing defect, liability for damages can extend to all those injured, including the truck driver and all others affected by the defect. Specifically, a manufacturer of a truck and/or the manufacturer of a part in a truck can be held either partially or fully liable for accidents that occur due to defects. Liability can also extend to a repair shop that installed a defective part.  As experienced Georgia trucking accident attorneys, we have witnessed first-hand the serious and life threatening consequences that result from improperly manufactured and maintained trucks.

What then, are the types of manufacturing defects that cause vehicle accidents in Georgia? When a truck manufacturer equips a truck with substandard parts or materials that cause an accident, a manufacturer can be held liable to those who are injured as a result. For instance, when a truck has been equipped with defective or improper tires that are incapable of handling the weight of the truck to which they are attached, injuries can happen due to tire blowouts. When tire blowouts occur, it is highly likely for a truck driver to lose control of his or her vehicle, leading to collisions and other types of life threatening accidents. Additional manufacturing defects that cause trucking accidents in Georgia also include problems in truck braking systems, steering columns, the transmission, engine and additionally defective truck parts.

If you have been injured in a manufacturing defect related trucking accident, it is crucial that you contact a Georgia attorney who is experienced in handling the complexities associated with these types of cases. The Atlanta trucking accident lawyers of Montlick and Associates, Attorneys at Law, tirelessly represent trucking accident victims located throughout the State of Georgia and all over the Southeast. 

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