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Atlanta Truck Accident Attorneys

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Our Atlanta Truck Accident Attorneys at Montlick and Associates have seen the firsthand consequences of collisions between 3,000-pound passenger cars and 80,000 pound fully loaded tractor-trailers. Whether the truck crash is caused by driver fatigue, drugged driving, improper maintenance, an overloaded truck or other unsafe trucking practices, other vehicle occupants face significant risks when commercial carriers and truck drivers fail to comply with trucking regulations, established trucking industry safety practices and traffic laws. Semi-truck crashes are more than "car accidents involving a large vehicle;" rather they are complex motor vehicle claims that require specialized knowledge regarding trucking practices, regulations and related issues. This blog provides information on a wide range of issues involved in big-rig collisions in Georgia as a resource to other law firms, and to help provide general information to trucking accident victims about their rights and remedies.

We know that many people have specific questions about their unique situation so we invite you to contact us for a free consultation. Our personal injury law firm welcomes those who have been injured by a negligent truck driver and/or trucking company to call use 24/7 at (1-800-529-6333). You also can contact us via the web using our 24-hour Live Online Chat or Free Case Evaluation Form.

Truck Accident Traumatic Brain Injuries Claims Lawyers

August 10, 2020

Traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs, are devastating injuries that are often a result of a serious motor vehicle accident.  Traumatic brain injuries can be permanent, although victims could recover some of their lost capacity through rehabilitation and other medical procedures depending on the specific injury. When the victim's nuero-pathways are damaged or destroyed, the victim may suffer paralysis, loss of brain function, loss of speaking ability, and they are often unable to function independently and must rely on others to satisfy some of life’s most basic functions.

Logging Truck Accident Attorneys

August 08, 2020

The logging industry is vital to the growth of America. Logging trucks are often encountered on many of the Interstate highways that crisscross the country. Sadly, many fatal and catastrophic logging truck accidents happen every year.  The U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration provides specific regulations regarding logging trucks.

Primary Causes of Deadly Truck Accidents

August 06, 2020

Analysts who studied commercial truck accidents performed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) discovered main causes for truck wrecks after the number of fatal truck crashes increased from 2017 to 2018. The FMCSA considered these causes of fatal or catastrophic truck crashes as “hidden.” Additionally, statistics show that 82% of deaths caused by truck crashes were someone other than the truck driver. People who die in truck crashes are the other drivers on the road, motorcycle riders, pedestrians, and bicycle riders. 

18-Wheeler Truck Accident Causation Study

July 10, 2020

USA- The Federal Motor Safety Administration online published findings from a study on the causes of deadly large truck crashes throughout the United States. Some contributing aspects include the design of the vehicles, the experience and training of the driver, weather conditions, and the traffic on the relevant roadway. 

Truckers Report Most Dangerous States to Drive a Truck

July 10, 2020

USA- Truck driving is one of the most dangerous jobs in the county, according to BUSINESSINSIDER.COM. Driving in some places is more hazardous than in others, and some roads carry greater risks of collisions. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that 2.4 percent of all roadway deaths are truck drivers. In some parts of the United States, truckers account for a greater percentage of traffic fatalities.

INVEST in America Act Unveiled to Update Roadways and More

July 07, 2020

USA-  The INVEST in America Act has been unveiled, according to WILLITSNEWS.COM. The Act is focused on updating infrastructure throughout the country. One member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee stated that much of the country’s infrastructure had not been updated for over 60 years. Many of the railroads, bridges, and roads are in desperate need of being repaired as a result.*

Top Three Causes of Trucking Accidents Examined

July 07, 2020

(USA) — Statistics indicate that about 44% of all two-vehicle accidents where one of the vehicles is a large truck may be attributed to the driver of the truck. Studies show that there are several principal reasons why catastrophic collisions occur. Driving too fast, experiencing braking problems, and lack of familiarity with the roadway are the most commonly cited reasons for truck drivers causing a collision, according to TRUCKER.COM. 

Driving a Truck One of the Deadliest Jobs in America

July 07, 2020

USA- Truck drivers have one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. Hundreds of drivers tragically lose their lives every year while working as truckers. The number of deadly truck accidents has continued to increase annually. Between 2011 and 2016, the number of deaths rose by 17.3 percent.*

Alcohol and Drug Problems in the Trucking Industry

June 30, 2020

USA- writes that truckers have difficult jobs that often involve expectations that they drive for periods of 70 hours a week. Drivers are often not able to estimate their earnings because of the way in which they are compensated. Pay comes in money per miles traveled, and often, truckers cover 2,500 miles a week. The conditions for these workers include harsh weather, heavy traffic, and extended hours alone in a noisy cab.

18-Wheeler Truck Accident Causation and Risks in Florida

June 30, 2020

FLORIDA - The leading cause of truck crash in a recent study was identified as driver errors. While non-truck crashes are more likely to be caused by driver errors than truck crashes, both types of accidents are often the result of mistakes. The report states that 95.6 percent of non-truck collisions are caused by driver errors while 92.5 percent of truck crashes are driver-error related.

Trucking Crash Victim Awarded $7,000,000 By a Texas Jury

June 25, 2020

TRAVIS COUNTY, TX — NBC affiliate KXAN reported that a man injured in a trucking mishap won a jury verdict exceeding $7 million against the trucking company. The crash happened in January of 2017. The victim in the crash sustained severe injuries when an 18-wheeler truck collided with a bridge and sent debris through the windshield of the victim’s car.  At the time of the accident, the driver was hauling an oversized load that was over the appropriate height for the route. Additionally, the driver failed to follow the route approved by the Texas Department of Transportation during the application process required when hauling an over-sized or over-height load. *

Truck Parking Legislation Gains Bipartisan Approval

June 23, 2020

USA- writes that a bill allocating $755 million in federal funds for new truck parking spaces was introduced this week. The Truck Parking Safety Act would use money from the United States Department of Transportation to construct new parking for trucks or to convert rest stops and weigh stations into parking facilities for trucks.*

Study On Deadly 18-Wheeler Tractor-Trailer Truck Accidents

June 23, 2020

A longitudinal study of truck accidents reveals several causes for deadly commercial vehicle and big-rig crashes. Over three years, researchers examined hundreds of large truck crashes in the United States to ascertain the reasons why these crashes occurred. Several trends emerged. Researchers were able to determine at which time of day a fatal truck accident was likely to happen, which road or highway in the country was the most dangerous for truck crashes and which behavior was the most frequently cited in fatal truck crashes. According to, researchers examined fatal large truck collisions from 2015 through 2017. *

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