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Zantac Cancer Lawsuit Lawyers, Zantac Manufactured with NDMA, a Known Carcinogen.

September 18, 2019

Zantac May Contain Carcinogens

NEW YORK, N.Y. — Bloomberg has reported that American and European health agencies will examine Zantac closely after receiving information that the heartburn medication could be contaminated with carcinogenic chemicals. Regulators are concerned that Zantac could have been manufactured with NDMA, a known carcinogen. The international medication manufacturer Sanofi produces Zantac while other drug makers produce versions of the drug under its generic name ranitidine. In 2019, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recalled certain blood pressure medication because of excessively high levels of NDMA, or n-Nitrosodimethylamine, which is considered a likely human carcinogen. *

Health agencies have not conclusively determined how NDMA contaminates medicine but suspect that it happens during the manufacturing process. Many drugs are now made in China and India and then shipped to the U.S. Drug producers in China and India must comply with U.S. regulations announced by the FDA. However, carcinogenic material continues to seep into the production stream. Sanofi said that the company produces the medicine in Mexico but has a plant in Spain that creates the active ingredients for the drug. Sanofi said it is committed to producing safe medications.

The possible NDMA contamination stems from testing done by Valisure. Valisure is an online pharmacy based in New Haven, Connecticut that conducts independent testing on all of the medicines it sells. Valisure tested ranitidine and detected NDMA in drugs sold as generic brands and as Zantac. The tainted digestion medicine is sold at large pharmaceutical retail stores in the U.S. such as Walgreens, CVS, and Walmart. Valisure informed the FDA of its findings. 

Valisure asked the FDA to mandate a recall of all products containing NDMA. However, the FDA is in the midst of testing the products and, up to this point, has found only lower levels of NDMA rather than the excessive levels Valisure claims to have found. European Health ministers are also examining ranitidine for the presence of NDMA.

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