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Medical, Scientific Communities Working to Understand Effects of Vaping on the Body

October 17, 2019

UNITED STATES – As reported online in an article from, medical and scientific communities in the United States are working to understand the effects of vaping on a person’s body. Even with increasing reports of lung illnesses tied to vaping, experts still do not know the complete set of risks associated with use of e-cigarettes, particularly in teens and young adults.*

At the time the Yahoo! News article was published, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was reporting a total of 1,299 cases of lung illness in the country linked to vaping. The CDC was also reporting that 25 people have died from this illness. The number of cases and fatalities is ever-growing, and safety experts still do not understand the exact way vaping is contributing to patients’ injuries. 

Aside from the alarming number of people affected by this respiratory illness, certain flavors of vaping pods have been linked to serious lung damage in at least one scientific study. And vape pens batteries have the propensity to explode, which has led to severe injuries and death in some cases. 

While new vaping dangers come to light, scientists and physicians are in the process of unpacking the full risk profile for e-cigarettes. Many of the risks associated with e-cigarettes are similar to those of traditional, combustible cigarettes, but many could also be unique to vaping. For instance, the nicotine in vape pens carries significant risk for addiction and withdrawal, like traditional cigarettes. However, vape pens can deliver a much higher concentration of nicotine in every puff, which has the potential for greater adverse health consequences. 

In addition, inhalation of flavors and other chemicals in e-cigarette liquid likely poses its own risks. The CDC is currently recommending that people refrain from vaping, while officials gather more information about the health risks. 

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