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Thanksgiving Holiday Results in Increased Accidents and Traffic Related Fatalities

December 11, 2011

Holiday periods are notorious for increases in the number of accidents and car accident-related fatalities. During the Thanksgiving holiday that just passed, a dozen people were killed in car crashes in Blue Ridge, Cartersville, Columbus, Forsyth, Gwinnett County, Richmond County, Toccoa and Villa Rica.

The total count reported by the Georgia State Patrol includes 344 car accidents which resulted in 206 injuries. AAA has indicated that there was a 4 percent increase in Thanksgiving travel over last year.

While the surge in accident rates and traffic-related fatalities was related to Thanksgiving traffic, it is relevant to a number of high risk auto accident situations. The Christmas and New Year holidays are just around the corner which see similar surges in car accidents and traffic-related deaths. Holiday periods mean heavy traffic, drivers who have been celebrating with alcohol, fatigued drivers and out of town drivers who are unfamiliar of the roadways in Atlanta and throughout Georgia. These factors are typically present during holiday periods but some or all of these factors frequently are present and contribute to motor vehicle accidents even during non-holiday driving periods.

If you are injured by a motorist that is engaged in any of the unsafe driving practices listed above, you may have a right to compensation for your injuries. Each of these auto accident risk factors can contribute to serious car accidents in the following ways:

Traffic Congestion: A heavy flow of traffic means that traffic does not flow smoothly and frequently results in accidents where a distracted driver does not notice that the flow of traffic has come to a standstill. Many times drivers also fail to appreciate the risk in heavily congested traffic and will drive at unsafe speeds and weave in and out of traffic. These types of aggressive driving practices are a recipe for disaster when combined with heavy traffic flow.

Alcohol Impaired Drivers: Most motorists already realize that driving while under the influence of alcohol is the leading cause of traffic-related fatalities. Drunken driving on Atlanta roadways causes many preventable auto accidents. Drivers who are driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol experience slower reaction time, impaired judgment and diminished coordination.

Fatigued Drivers: Many drivers travel long distances during holiday periods. Many hours on the road without break periods can lead to impaired concentration and a tendency to doze off behind the wheel. The longer a driver travels without a substantial rest period the greater the chance of a serious fatigue-related car accident.

Lack of Familiarity with Roadways: Most drivers have had the experience of trying to study a map or GPS device while glancing up at the road. A lack of familiarity with the roads of Georgia means that a motorist must be extra attentive of road hazards, such as sharp curves, road drop-offs and construction zones. It can be difficult for a driver to focus attention on these sorts of hazards when struggling to read a map or study a GPS device.

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