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Mistakes People Commonly Make in Dog Bite Cases

October 18, 2019

Many people own dogs, and while they can be man’s best friend, it doesn’t mean that this is always the case.  The truth is, while unfortunate, many innocent people, including postal workers and children, sustain serious injuries after being bitten or brutally attacked by a dog without provocation. Not everyone has their dog properly trained or restrained.

In order to protect your legal rights, it is critical that you avoid the following mistakes that people commonly make after being bitten by a dog. These are as follows:

Failure to seek medical attention when necessary.  First and foremost, your health is the most important, always.  Even if you don’t think the bite is that serious, a dog’s saliva contains bacteria that could cause an infection at the site of the bite or throughout the body.  If the dog is not up to date on vaccinations, this is just another reason you need to receive a medical evaluation.

Failure to report the bite.  Many people who receive dog bites don’t think to call the police or animal control.  This is a mistake because failing to report the bite means that the incident was never documented, which could result in the dog’s owner denying that his or her dog was responsible for your injuries.  As a result, sometimes not reporting the bite can result in you losing the ability to seek compensation for your damages.  Additionally, reporting the incident can help prevent other people from being bit by this same dog in the future.

Not taking photos of your injuries.  Taking photos of your dog bite will allow you to show an insurance company, judge or jury, if your case goes to trial, the severity of your injuries. This can demonstrate the pain and suffering that you experienced as a result of the dog bite as well as the physical injuries and scarring.  

Providing a statement to the insurance company.  Many people provide statements to insurers without knowing that the information they provide can be used against them at a later time.  For example, many recorded statements can be used against you in ways you may have never anticipated whether you settle your case out of court or your case goes to trial, if a trial becomes necessary. It is not a good idea to provide a statement to an insurance company without first seeking the assistance of a seasoned dog bite attorney who can fight for you, help you avoid insurance company traps, and educate you about your legal rights.    

Failing to consult with dog bite attorney.  Contacting a seasoned dog bite attorney is crucial in seeking the maximum amount possible for your injuries.  Failure to contact a skilled attorney could result in your claim being denied by an insurance company altogether or you being pressured to accept a low settlement amount from the dog owner’s insurance company before you are fully healed.  Never settle your case if you are still in pain!

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