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Georgia Intersections Are Dangerous Location for Bicycle and Motorcycle Accidents

May 30, 2011

Intersections tend to be dangerous places for both bicyclists and motorcyclists. Drivers in automobiles may speed up at intersections when they are trying to beat a yellow light or rush into traffic at a green lights without waiting until all traffic is safely through the light.

Bicyclists are even more vulnerable than motorcycle riders because they do not typically wear as much safety gear. Half of all the bicycle accidents that involve collisions with cars or other motor vehicles occur at intersections.

Both motorcycle and bicycle riders really face the same issues when it comes to minimizing their risks of intersection accidents. Bicycles are considered vehicles when they are on the road, just like motorcycles, so it makes sense to talk about them from the same viewpoint.

Both types of riders need to do everything they can to make themselves visible to automobiles. Drivers don't often see motorcycles and bikes because cognitively drivers are typically looking for larger vehicles like cars, trucks or SUVs. Drivers look in their mirrors or out their windows for other automobiles. Here are some safety suggestions to help avoid intersection collisions with cars:

  • Wear bright reflective clothing when riding
  • Use front and rear lights and put them on during the daytime
  • Always be alert and on the lookout for cars while riding defensively
  • Slow down and proceed with caution when approaching and riding through intersections

Drivers also tend to underestimate rider’s speed, which means that a driver may pull out in front of a rider and not realize that they have just cut them off so that the rider cannot stop in time to avoid a collision.

In the event that an accident occurs, it is extremely important to find witnesses as soon as possible. A rider should get any witnesses names and numbers and call the police to file a police report. When the police arrive at an accident scene, it can be helpful to identify any witnesses who saw the driver’s conduct that caused the accident so that the investigating officer can obtain a witness statement while the witness’s recollection is fresh.

It is not unusual for police officers to take the side of the automobile driver in these cases. When it comes to collisions that happen at intersections, liability usually comes down to who had the right-of-way. This is where eyewitnesses can help. They can testify as to who had the green light and who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Sometimes at intersections containing traffic signals, traffic cameras will be installed and surveillance video may be obtained and used by an experienced Georgia intersection accident attorney to help establish liability in a bicycle or motorcycle accident in an intersection. When you are involved in an intersection accident on a bike, it is a good idea to seek legal advice from an experienced personal injury attorney because they have expert investigators at their disposal who can piece together the details of how the collision occurred, as well as interview witnesses and gather evidence to support your case.

The injuries that can be sustained by riders on bicycles and motorcycles in accidents involving automobiles can be catastrophic. It is not unusual for riders to sustain broken bones and even brain damage or spinal cord injuries. When a rider is victim to injuries like these, the accident victim may not be able to return to work right away so the rider’s medical bills may pile up. When the accident is caused by the automobile driver's negligence, then the rider has the right to file a Georgia personal injury claim or lawsuit to recover damages.

There is responsibility on the part of each rider and the other driver to follow the rules of the road. Typically, when two vehicles arrive at an intersection that is not controlled by any signals or stop signs, the vehicle that arrives first has the right-of-way.

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