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Georgia Construction Accidents Injure Workers

September 06, 2010

The construction industry is among the most dangerous work environments for employees, despite detailed Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. Construction sites are filled with hazards that endanger both those working on the site, as well as those who are simply passing by or visiting.  Construction sites are typically riddled with a multitude of hazards even if the employer is complying with all federal and state regulations and industry safety standards.

An average of 150,000 people are injured every year in construction accidents and about 1,000 more are killed. The construction industry accounted for more fatal work accidents than any other industry in 2008. The Atlanta based construction accident attorneys at Montlick and Associates, Attorneys at Law, have been helping victims  in Georgia who suffer catastrophic injuries or fatalities in construction accidents and their families for over 37 years.

When a construction worker is injured on the job, his or her injuries typically fall within the workers' compensation system. The workers' compensation system provides compensation for injuries or occupational diseases that occur within the course and scope of employment, without regard to fault. Unlike personal injury law, an employee does not need to prove negligence (i.e. lack of care/fault) to be compensated for one's injuries, nor is it relevant whether an employee's own negligence (i.e. carelessness) contributed to his own injuries.

The disadvantage of a workers' compensation claim for those who suffer construction-related injuries is that compensation is generally far more limited than what is available in a personal injury or negligence lawsuit. At Montlick and Associates, Attorneys at Law, we understand that the compensation available under the workers' compensation laws can often be inadequate to meet the needs of our badly injured clients.  Therefore, we carefully investigate and analyze construction accidents to determine if other potential third parties may also have contributed to our client's injuries. The workers' compensation system is designed to be an exclusive remedy against one's own employer.  However, if the injured worker is harmed due to the negligence of a third party or company also working on the construction site, or due to faulty equipment, the lawyers at Montlick and Associates are often able to pursue a separate negligence or product liability claim, in addition to the workers' compensation claim. 

A construction site usually involves many sub-contractors and the products and equipment of many companies. Montlick and Associates, Attorneys at Law, routinely looks at all possible defendants which may include property owners, contractors, sub-contractors, equipment suppliers and engineers who owe a duty of reasonable care not to create an unreasonable risk of harm to those working at a construction site. Common types of construction accidents that can lead to catastrophic injury or death include the following:

  • Accidents related to unsafe storage of equipment or debris
  • Injuries from faulty equipment
  • Injuries caused by falls from scaffolding, ladders, roofs or holes in flooring
  • Accidents resulting in electrocution or explosions
  • Lack of shoring in an excavation

These are just a few examples of ways that Georgia construction workers suffer serious injuries on construction sites. At Montlick and Associates, Attorneys at Law, our Georgia and Atlanta construction accident attorneys will explore the potential liability of all third parties who may have shared fault in causing a construction accident. Again, our lawyers understand that compensation from the workers' compensation system alone may not be sufficient; therefore, whenever appropriate, we initiate a claim against third parties for compensation for their contribution to our clients' injuries. We know the enormous medical and personal costs of a serious construction accident and fight hard for our clients to help them obtain the compensation they deserve.

Montlick and Associates, Attorneys at Law, has been helping those who suffer catastrophic injuries or fatalities in construction accidents in the Atlanta area and throughout Georgia for over 37 years including the cities of Albany, Athens, Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Macon, Marietta, Rome, Roswell, Savannah, Smyrna, Valdosta, Warner Robins and all smaller and rural towns in the state.

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