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Settlements for Herniated Disks Suffered in Georgia Car Wrecks

August 01, 2018

Herniated disks can be incredibly painful injuries. In some cases, people may not know they have one. In others,they can cause radiating pain, tingling, numbness, and in severe cases, paralysis or loss of bodily function. What makes a herniated disk even worse is when someone else is responsible for causing you to have one. 

Our attorneys understand the debilitating nature of herniated disks, and we provide high-quality representation to our clients to recover for them he maximum compensation to which they are entitled under the law, including financial recoveries for medical expenses, lost wages, Pain and Suffering, and punitive damages if the person or company responsible engaged in egregious or reckless conduct. 

What is a Herniated Disk?

A disk is a cushion-like material between the bones, called vertebrae, in your spinal column. The disks allow you to bend your back because the cushion— often described as a "jelly-like substance" — expands and contracts as you move your spine. A harder yet still pliable membrane surrounds the jelly-like material and holds it in place. 

A herniated disk, also called a ruptured disk or slipped disk, occurs when the outer membrane ruptures and the jelly-like substance pushes through the opening. The bulge in the disk presses nerves emanating from the spinal cord against the vertebrae, thereby causing pain in the body part connected to the compressed nerve. 

Herniated disks, especially when caused by a car accident, normally occur in the cervical spine, or neck, and the lumbar spine, which is the section of the spine right above your tailbone extending through your lower back. However they can occur anywhere in your neck or back. When parts of the spine suffer trauma, by way of example in a car crash, the membrane can break and the center of the disk push outward, resulting in a herniated disk.

This can cause severe radiating pain, tingling, or numbness in other areas of the patient’s body. For instance, a patient who experiences radiating pain across the shoulders or into the arms could be experiencing such pain because of a herniated disc in the neck. He same can occur into the hips or legs if a herniated disc is located in the lumbar spine. In severe cases, a herniated disk in the lower back can even cause a loss of bodily function. 

Treatments for Herniated Disks After Georgia Car Collisions

Treatment depends on various factors like the severity of the injury, the victim’s tolerance for pain, and the extent to which the person's quality of life has diminished. Most treatments start out conservatively with physical therapy. If such treatments do not work, doctors may recommend injections or even surgery. 

Settlement Amounts for Herniated Disks

How much your herniated disk accident claim in Georgia is worth depends on a variety of considerations. It is critical to remember that each case is different from the next. With that being said, the amount of compensation you could receive from a settlement must take into consideration:

  • The nature of your injury and its severity:
  • The cost of your medical bills such as doctors bills, surgeon's bills, physical therapy, chiropractic care and rehabilitation costs.
  • Your need for future medical care;
  • The type of treatment you required and how long you needed to treat;
  • Whether you suffered a permanent disability;
  • The time you lost out of work including any economic opportunities and future lost income; and
  • Pain and Suffering

Put Our Law Firm's Over 39 Years Of Legal Experience To Work For Your Case!

Our attorneys fight hard on behalf of each injured client in order to maximize their right to compensation under the law. If you have suffered a herniated disk in any type of accident caused by someone else’s negligence, call Montlick & Associates, Attorneys at Law for your free consultation today. Montlick & Associates, Attorneys at Law has been representing those who suffer serious injuries throughout all of Georgia and in the Southeast for over 39 years, including but not limited to Albany, Athens, Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Gainesville, Macon, Marietta, Rome, Roswell, Savannah, Smyrna, Valdosta, Warner Robins and all smaller cities and rural areas in the state.

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