Bill Seeks to Encourage Disclosure of Safety Issues Hidden by Confidential Settlements

March 28, 2011

People are injured by dangerous and defective products throughout Georgia everyday by a multitude of products ranging from children’s products like toys, cribs and blankets that injure children, to adult products like defective automobiles that contribute to fatal auto accidents and drugs that lack proper safety testing and warnings. When a resident of Atlanta or Georgia has suffered an injury due to a defective or unsafe product, the manufacturer, distributor or retailer of the defective product may be liable for the injuries caused by the company’s defective product.

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Large corporations and product manufacturers routinely use confidential settlements regarding the danger posed by their unsafe products and practices, to hide the harm caused by their products from public scrutiny at the expense of the health and safety of the public. The enactment of the Sunshine in Litigation Act, which is currently pending in Washington, would curb the practice of allowing companies to hide the dangers and injuries caused by their product behind the veil of confidential settlement agreements. When many defective product lawsuits are settled, the voices of injured victims are quietly silenced by confidentiality agreements that place future victims at risk.

Accidents caused by defective products often result in catastrophic and life-altering injuries that may cause permanent disability and loss of mental and bodily functions. When these injuries are caused by a defective design or manufacturing process or a failure to provide proper warning or instructions, disclosure of the details of lawsuits and settlements can help prevent future accidents. The Sunshine in Litigation Act puts warning the public and preventing injury from unsafe products above the quick and quiet settlement of any individual lawsuit. Manufacturers of defective products have a huge stake in keeping information regarding the dangers and harm caused by their defective products away from the public.

The Sunshine in Litigation Act has been introduced in Congress in the hopes of prohibiting courts from entering an order to seal certain documents in product liability settlement agreements. The measure would force courts to weigh the public interest in being made aware of past, present or potential public health or safety hazards against the need for corporations to keep such information sealed from the public.

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