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Lawyers for Automatic Door Accident Injuries in Georgia

April 02, 2018

Georgia Automatic Door Accidents

Automatic doors cause numerous accidents in Georgia annually in shopping centers, airports, hospitals, banks, gas stations, convenience stores, and other facilities that use them. Automatic doors do not appear hazardous at first blush. They are inviting to the public because they seemingly greet shoppers with open arms as the shopper enters the store. The automatic doors of a store also bid farewell and express gratitude to the shopper for spending money as the door swings open to the outside, so the shopper does not have to struggle to hold the door as they exit. Automatic doors further close automatically, so the weather stays outside. However, they can be hazardous to shoppers if the owner fails to maintain the doors properly. The owner will be liable to the shopper for his or her injuries.

Landowner's Duty of Care Under Georgia Law

Landowners and business owners in Georgia owe "invitees" a special duty of care. Under Georgia Code §51-3-1, an invitee under Georgia law is a person who visits a particular location at the request of the landowner or person in control over the premises. The simplest example of an invitee is the person who enters a grocery store or "Big Box Store" to go shopping. The store owner or operator and landowner owe shoppers a duty to make sure that they do not suffer an injury from a dangerous condition that the owner knew or about which the owner should have known. Georgia law imposes a duty on the owner to warn the shoppers about hazardous conditions on their premises. This duty extends to the approaches of the store and includes the automatic doors.

The Dangers of Automatic Doors

Automatic doors present hidden dangers. The store operator must make sure that the doors are properly calibrated. If not, doors could open at the wrong time and then close on the person as they were entering or exiting the store. According to the American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (AAADM), an automatic door correctly maintained cannot close on any object in the way.  Therefore, the owner has the duty to make sure that they perform a safety check on the doors every day to make sure that the doors are working safely. Failing that, the owner must disengage the automatic doors and resort to the manual use of the portals.

There is little excuse for a person in control over the automatic doors not to perform a daily check. The AAADM provides informational videos and training on the proper maintenance and inspection of automatic doors. Also, the AAADM will provide information for annual inspections as well. Additionally, the industry-wide safety standards are easily accessed on the AAADM's website. The safety standards set out the timing of when the doors should open and close, the amount of force needed to open the doors manually in an emergency, and the settings designed to spring the doors open or prevent them from shutting in the event something gets trapped in between the open-close cycle.

Injuries Caused By Automatic Doors

Improperly maintained automatic doors could inflict several injuries on people as they attempt to pass through. Automatic door injuries in Georgia can be:

  • pinched fingers, arms, or legs,
  • contusions,
  • broken bones,
  • head injuries,
  • back and neck injuries,
  • leg injuries including knees, ankles, and feet, and
  • arm injuries.

Any one of these injuries could be severe. Not only could the injured person accumulate significant medical bills, but the person injured by an automatic door in Georgia could miss work for a considerable amount of time as their injury heals. The injured person could face a lengthy period of physical rehabilitation. Furthermore, the person could endure substantial pain and suffering as a result of their automatic door injury. Of course, the young and the elderly are more susceptible to suffering an injury from an automatic door malfunction.

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